Fairness. What it really means.

‎”Fairness” is a function of impact and capability, not a numeric value. That’s why you don’t grade a second grader’s 90% as a higher gross capability than a 7th grader’s 85%. That’s also why our progressive tax system works. A “fair” tax of 15% for everyone is not actually “fair” because the impact is radically [...]

A Sudden Rush of Faith

People drown when swimming in the ocean just yards from the shore. Often, the reason is that they do not understand the rhythm of the ocean or how to work with it. The ocean pulses in waves. Therefore, it’s most important to swim hard when the pulse is going your way, rather than against it. [...]

Ralph and Hillary – what a weekend!

Ralph Nader is responsible for the war in Iraq. And just when we thought the race was really getting interesting, Ralph Nader steps in to make a mockery of it all. Let’s face it: The name “Ralph Nader” used to be synonymous with consumer protection, safety issues, consumer advocacy… he was practically a household name [...]

Back… To The Future!

Consider this, my right-wing warmongering friends: If we honestly believe that one of the reasons Dubya went to Iraq was to avenge the contract put out on daddy, then is it too far a stretch to imagine that a President McCain would keep us in Iraq as long as necessary to vicariously repair the damage [...]

Vote For Any Democrat?

OK, so that’s the fashionable thing to say. “Any Dem over a ::shudder:: Republican. I am not so sure. In fact, I’m downright creeped out. First, let me piss Pinkhat off, who is pro-Hillary. I am not, and getting more so everyday. Pinkhat would love to see a woman President and frankly, so would I. [...]