A Patriotic Epiphany

I was driving home from a client’s today, when I heard a man on the radio making an analogy about the stimulus plan. He said it was like a man holding a gun to our head, forcing us to give money to the poor. And enforced redistribution of wealth. Now stepping aside, for just a [...]

Nova M Files For Liquidation

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nova M, would be competitor to Air America Radio is filing for complete bankruptcy liquidation and leaving a trail of trouble in it’s wake. When Randi Rhodes left Air America last year during the kerfuffle surrounding her making off-color remarks about Hillary Clinton during a stand up comedy show [...]

The comedy gets better every day.

In an invertview with the Washington Times HERE, Richard Steele, the new RNC chairman, made it clear that he intends to really shake things up. Announcing a PR offensive that will be “off the hook,” he intends to move the message in more “urban-suburban hip-hop settings.” To those that disagree, his answer is a simple, [...]

Republican Desperation

I was listening to Stephanie Miller this morning (usual drive to school with kids faire, they love it!) and I was struck by a couple callers from the Dittohead side of the aisle. One in particular, just wanted to lash out – much like my right-wing exemplars, Trent and Edgar, do here – about how “Obama [...]

More Republican Silliness

I love how Republicans think. It’s excellent comedy as well as great pretzel logic to keep my thinking sharp. Take Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) yesterday as he lashed out against the stimulus, claiming there is “stinky stuff” in it. He said “there’s is a ton of stuff we need to cut of out this bill,” [...]