No politics today.

Just 6 months after we lost our black standard, this morning we lost our apricot to the same (most probably genetic) problem. These were the finest animals that I have ever had. They loved our family as much as we loved them. They will never be forgotten. Lucas December 1, 2001 – July 7, 2007 [...]

The times they are a’changin…

WillyP sent me this transcript of an article written in the Kingman Miner. Kingman is a little town in northern Arizona about an hour south of the Hoover Dam. It is fair to say that Arizona has been slow to become un-bigoted – in fact some remnants still remain. I’ve actually heard the word “Nigger” [...]

Ralph and Hillary – what a weekend!

Ralph Nader is responsible for the war in Iraq. And just when we thought the race was really getting interesting, Ralph Nader steps in to make a mockery of it all. Let’s face it: The name “Ralph Nader” used to be synonymous with consumer protection, safety issues, consumer advocacy… he was practically a household name [...]

Humpday Comedy

Just a little something to brighten the day – two images sent to me that are just delightfully funny. Have a good one! Republicans’ Best Campaign Tactic Driving Miss Hillary    

Back… To The Future!

Consider this, my right-wing warmongering friends: If we honestly believe that one of the reasons Dubya went to Iraq was to avenge the contract put out on daddy, then is it too far a stretch to imagine that a President McCain would keep us in Iraq as long as necessary to vicariously repair the damage [...]