I think this one really speaks for itself. George Takei strikes again. Have a great Monday!

Why Bain Capital Matters

Mitt is going make all kinds of noise about why the Bain Capital issue is just an Obama team lie – how it’s just a distraction from the real problem (the economy) and how it’s dirty politics. But it’s norm and here’s why. Ever turn in a tax return? A corporate filing? Notice how it [...]

Does the HCG diet work? You betcha, baby.

Mary did it a year ago and had marvelous success. I was a doubter. She has enormous, like, awe-inspiring discipline – and keeping to a rigid 500 calorie per day diet is something she can pull off with or without a chemical I said. She’d lose weight just because she’s taking in so little. HCG [...]

What right wingers really hate.

Really, ask anyone. The nature of the argument is always, “well yeah, I like THAT part…” but there’s no discussion about how to get there. The individual mandate, now called a tax by the right wing so they can yell at it, is required or the entire insurance system will collapse. So if you like [...]

Lying as a campaign strategy

Amazing. To listen to Mittens respond to SCOTUS’ upholding the individual mandate you’d have to come to the conclusion that Obama has passed a law specifically designed to destroy our country. It’ll explode deficits, kill jobs, make people lose their insurance and put the government between”you and your doctor.” He’s simply lying. Works for the [...]