Systematic Insanity

Just how insane have we become over the health care “debate?” How much of it is real, and how much has been programmatically developed by the right wing? BrainDonkey pointed me in the direction of a Washington Post article that I think asks a lot of great questions and points out just how crazy things [...]

A Lion’s Legacy

I’d love to write about how much Senator Edward Kennedy did in his life and help honor one of the great contemporary men of the Senate, but the Rude Pundit did a much finer job than I could ever imagine. So as a brazen scrape, here’s the essentials of his post.   Do you like [...]

The Lion Has Died.

Rest in peace, Senator Ted Kennedy. Lion of the Senate. Worked hard and served his constituency for the better part of his life. He died tonight at 77 years old of brain cancer. He will be sorely missed.

Michael Steele: With friends like these…

Man I just laughed my butt off this morning. Check out this post at TPM central: Roy Blunt Should Be Cleaned Out Of The Crapper Now it’d probably come as no surprise that I don’t care for Steele, but if I were a Republican I’d be pretty pissed off as well. To equate a fellow [...]

Fox News Lies: Well, at least we know the truth.

Hope you can hold down lunch from this one: Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling When an article leads off with, “The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdock, successfully argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves” you [...]