Hate Crime Legislation: Are the Republicans Right?

The Republicans, lead by Trent Lott, claim that all crimes are crimes of hate. That’s why, adding hate crime legislation to a military spending bill is senseless, inappropriate and simply wrong, and they will do their best to preserve the expected Presidential veto of the legislation later this week. The Democrats, headed up by Ted [...]

Bush on Education: Childrens Do Learn

In a continuing effort to redefine his legacy, Bush spent a bit of time photo-oping with children at PS 76 in New York today. In a grammar lesson that pretty much sums up his commitment to the educational growth of our children, he told us all that “Childrens do learn,” adding to an already impressive [...]

Ahmadinejad: Welcome to America

Gelding President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whined to Christian Amanpour on CNN this morning about his reception at Columbia University. Speaking of the protestors, “It is obvious that they were under pressure from various political factions to be there.” And regarding the protests and welcome in general, “There are many things I wished did not [...]

An Academic Winston Churchill: Lee Bollinger

Although I’ll have to paraphrase this, there is an urban myth surrounding a time long ago when Winston Churchill held the door open for a women whom, it seems, was deeply involved in womens’ rights movement. “You don’t have to hold the door because I’m a woman” she rudely snipped at him. “I didn’t,” he [...]

Trump on Bush: You’re Fired!

I was completely surprised today by the harsh and unobscurred comments Donald Trump had today for Bush, his administration and the war on Iraq. Donald Trump: “I don’t know if they’re bad people. I don’t know what’s going on. I just know they got us into a mess, the likes of which this country has [...]