Hate as a Family Value, Part 1

I’m going to be doing a couple posts along this line, because the level of holier than thouness and cavalier insensitivity to other races, religions and people of different sexual orientation has hit an incredible level. I’m not amazed that there is hate, but am amazed at how, more and more, the rightwing uses the [...]

Feckin’ Cowards.

This Article begins a VERY frustrating thing for me. It outlines how political cronies want to protect themselves from their actions while in office. There is movement at the top to protect Bush, Cheney and everyone in his administration from any legal action resulting from their behaviors while in office. This includes torture, lying to [...]

Executive Order Double Take

Tonight on Countdown, Keith Olbermann said that there is an obscure law, drafted in the early 90s during the Clinton administration that President Elect Obama probably didn’t know about, and I’ll betcha that Professor Bush was blind to as well. Apparently, any EOs made after November 4th are subject to potential straight-away rescinding by the [...]

Crap Patrol: Following the Righties

I’d love to say that I’m amazed by the brazenly stupid parade of crap being floated by the frothing right wing, but alas I am not. Their tired, monochromatic whining is ever so similar to what it has been, only dustier and less effective. It’s still fun, I’ll give them that. I’m not even going [...]

Obama’s Biggest Challenge

Nope, not the economy, not energy, not the war or education, not global climate change, intolerance, terrorism, international discord – nope, these all pale in comparison to his real challenge.  It’s His Fault Yesterday I received an email from a colleague. It had almost no text from him, only a graphic picture showing yesterday’s stock [...]