The BALLS on that woman!

So just when I think we’re all done with Sarah Palin, comes one last little glimpse into her as a person. According to an anonymous source inside the McCain team, last night as they were getting ready to go on for their concession speech Sarah Palin pushed to be able to address the crowd. Now [...]

And History Is Made

Last night, at precisely 9:00pm MST, I was at the Sonoran Brew House and had a Hefeweizen to my lips as I saw the polls in CA (among others) close and expected CNN to call a few more states. How shocked was I when they called the race! It was a moment akin to “Where [...]

First Returns In!

In a stunning upset, Barack Obama has taken Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, 15 votes to John McCain’s 6! Well known for their quaint tradition of being the first in the nation to vote and close it’s polls, the tiny town with a population of about 3 dozen has gone Republican in every one of it’s [...]

Sleep-well Data

Here is strong data to back up my suppositions and the hopes of all Democrats, Progressives and Liberals for tomorrow. As usual, 538 does an incredible job of distilling an awesome mountain of data into information and this post is no exception. The net-net for those that like to go galloping straight down to the [...]

The Big Day Looms

Tomorrow we vote and decide on the direction we want our country to move for the next 4 years… however in this case, the choice is considerably more important than simple “direction.” Since there are fundamental differences between Obama’s plans and McCain’s, there are obvious superficial differences. But no less important is the fact that [...]