Lying as a campaign strategy

Amazing. To listen to Mittens respond to SCOTUS’ upholding the individual mandate you’d have to come to the conclusion that Obama has passed a law specifically designed to destroy our country. It’ll explode deficits, kill jobs, make people lose their insurance and put the government between”you and your doctor.” He’s simply lying. Works for the people that just hate Obama and want to get rid of him, but doesn’t even begin to pass the sniff test.

First and most important: putting the government between you and your doctor? How? By making sure have insurance? If anything this sets it up so that more people will see a doctor. One of the largest challenges with our public health is that people cannot afford to see a doctor, so their health deteriorates and they wind up in the emergency room. Unable to pay for that either, the bill falls to everyone else. Expanding Medicare makes it so that more people a covered. Enforcing that everyone has insurance keeps insurance companies in the green (because the balancing factor, taking customers on with prior conditions without that would be catastrophic to the industry).

And while we’re there, let’s look at the Tea Party’s assertion that this is Socialism. This may be the most misguiding lie of all – to say that you need to purchase health insurance from a privately held company is actually more akin to Corporatism than Socialism. Universal health care would have fallen into that category, not the AFA.

How about the budget busting, deficit creating expense of it all? Don’t ask me, consult the Congressional Budget Office, that says that the AFA is currently already saving gigantic amounts of money and will be very effective at keeping medical costs down in the future. Eliminating it would cause the deficit to swell almost instantaneously by about 300 billion.

I’ll be taking more time to talk about this stuff in the coming months. But for now it’s back to watching the talking heads spin it up.