Ah, how hard the conservatives now need to work.

Here’s an interesting post at American Thinker, having to do with their notion of Obama’s intelligence: Just How Smart is Obama? Now it is true that virtually the entire nation was on GWB for his lack of gray-matter horsepower, but American Thinker did not seem to be too flustered by his nukular vocambulary. They are, [...]

I am considering something, want your opinion.

The latest discussion over healthcare (which has recently moved into free speech) is a perfect example of where blogs are not the right medium for what I am trying to accomplish here. I am considering converting my blog into a forum so that discussions can be had on all manner of political hot button. I [...]

Happy 4th of July!

Do you know why we celebrate today? I’ll bet you think it’s because we became independent of England. That would be a common misconception. We celebrate July 4th because it is the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence, which officially made us a nation at war with England. The revolutionary war was not over [...]