Hillary Hate: Flip Side

OK this is really isn’t just about Hillary, but more about Dumbocrats and perhaps the single most compelling reason why we should NOT win the white house next November. More and more lately, as Barack has taken hold of the race and eliminated the “inevitability factor” of Hillary, people are getting desperate in their support [...]

Hillary Hate

What is with the Hillary Hate? First off, let’s be square: I am no great fan of hers. I really liked her husband as president, but I have not forgiven him for embarrassing the Presidency with his antics nor for handing over the nation to the murderous gluttons that are in power now as a [...]

Iowa Surprises on First Amendment Friday

So it’s Obama and Yuckabee in Iowa – Hillary gets (relatively) trounced and Edwards makes a surprise showing. Guilliani takes an unsurprising and deeply satisfying close-to-last and Ron Paul gets a full 10%! Well it’s more clear daily that this is going to be one hell of an interesting election season. Being that it’s First [...]