Witnessing history being made.

Today I watched as a man who happens to be black, make history. It’s not the black part that makes it so impressive – in fact, that’s just a really nice cherry on top of today’s events. No – what made history today was the candor, vision and eloquence of a speech made by Barack [...]

I’d like to introduce…

… the newest member of the Perkiset family, Cooper! A rust-red standard, he’ll wind up probably in the 40-45lb zone – about 1/2 Lucas’ weight. Everyone is delighted and he’ll make a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for checking him out! With Cody First time on grass

Hillary: Right Wing Tool

Strike One: Refuses to denounce Rush Limbaugh and the conservative cabal that essentially handed her the win in Texas – for their own purposes, including the complete sublimation of our Democratic process. Clearly she is comfortable winning by any means necessary and is willing to be the bunnie-opponent in the fall. Strike Two: “I’ve passed [...]

Junkie Right Wing Stooge Picks Democrat Nominee!

That’s what the headlines will say if Hillary actually takes the nomination now.Just a little more data from yesterday (Fair notice: These are representative and incomplete. They are also scoffed from Air America directly and not researched personally) One of the counties in Ohio has +/- 12,000 registered Democrats. That county registered over 28,000 democratic [...]

Fears Confirmed!

On Air America (Thom Hartmann show) they ran a quick poll in TX to see how many people are Republican but voted for Hillary… in 15 minutes they had over 1200 emails confirming that this was exactly what they had done… Thom mentioned that a great many were actually gleeful that they could do it. [...]