Hillary: Right Wing Tool

Strike One: Refuses to denounce Rush Limbaugh and the conservative cabal that essentially handed her the win in Texas – for their own purposes, including the complete sublimation of our Democratic process. Clearly she is comfortable winning by any means necessary and is willing to be the bunnie-opponent in the fall.

Strike Two: “I’ve passed the Commander in Chief test, John McCain has certainly passed the Commander in Chief test. As for Senator Obama, well, you’ll have to ask him.” What – she was in charge when there were crises during the Clinton administration? She’s been an executive at some point and has not shared with us? When the HELL could she EVER have passed a Commander in Chief test – and more specifically, any more so than Senator Obama? Or at least enough to even make a comparison?

Strike Three: “I have said, that I bring a lifetime of experience to the table, John McCain brings a lifetime of experience. Senator Obama brings a speech he gave in 2002.”

OK now that is just horsepoop. To reduce a man’s work to a speech, regardless of if you support him or not, is just wrong. No one is reducing her to “An occasional semen receptacle for Bill Clinton” (when he couldn’t get anything else) or a hag wannabe that is unjustly and incorrectly dragging her husband’s experience and credibility unto herself. If sleeping with the president gives you credibility and experience, then perhaps Monica Lewinsky should get a cabinet post, eh? Perhaps Jennifer Flowers should be in charge of the FBI – or better, become the AG because she was somewhat adept at lying.

She is a Senator, just like Obama. She was not in cabinet meetings when the work of the president needed to be done. She did not make the decisions. She did not control ANYTHING. She failed to understand politics well enough to even get her health care initiative through. Where her husband was adored even on the day of his impeachment, she was reviled during the time she was trying to build a health care system that would take care of everyone. This would have been an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that she was of the Bill Clinton cut, rather than simply trading on the Clinton brand.

Instead she has become as shrill and horrible as her opponents claimed. Which is a real dissapointment for a long-time Clinton supporter like me.


  1. Dink says:

    Perk, she is a horrid person. The lies and deception didn’t quit when she left Arkansas. She was shown to be crooked there, and I believe she still is.

    It’s even possible that the whole Bill Clinton elevation was sculpted by her for the very moments we are living today. After all, Bill only really wanted to do was play some cool jazz and get laid.

  2. perkiset says:

    LOL I have to disagree here Dinker… although the Clintons have their share of corruption, I cannot imagine any politician today that is not. Regarding her v. McCain, even another 4-8 years of a Clinton administration is FAR FAR superior to more time under the thumb of an evil Repugnican regime. They have shown themselves to be horribly out of touch and just bad for our security and the world. I believe that, although a creature of blind ambition, she still has her heart in the right place for the US.

    No way a Repub gets my vote right now, no way.