Junkie Right Wing Stooge Picks Democrat Nominee!

That’s what the headlines will say if Hillary actually takes the nomination now.Just a little more data from yesterday (Fair notice: These are representative and incomplete. They are also scoffed from Air America directly and not researched personally)

  • One of the counties in Ohio has +/- 12,000 registered Democrats. That county registered over 28,000 democratic votes in the primary and Hillary was the overwhelming winner.
  • 8 counties in TX that went overwhelmingly for Bush in the last 2 presidential elections showed almost no Republican votes on Tuesday and an extraordinary amount of Democratic votes. Hillary again simply *killed* Obama in those counties.

 Get this my liberal & progressive friends: we are about to have our candidate picked for us by right wing assholes who’s agenda is to make us put up the most hated and Republican-galvanizing candidate we possibly can, because it’s all they’ve got. Since they cannot grab their asses with both hands much less put together a campaign that has ANYTHING to do with real contemporary thought or a vision of the future, they are resorting to any tricks they can to affect the general election.I despise them. Selfish, theocratic, pseudo-conservative morons that are destroying my country – and a lot of sheeple are letting it happen.::sigh::


  1. Braindonkey says:

    The system is so broken at this point its become utter nonsense.

    There are two ways for this to be read. Either the repubs have lost complete faith in their party. Or they are torpedoing the political process.

    Obviously I hope its the loss of faith, but I am pretty sure its a guerrilla tactic. If it is to torpedo the democrats, how un-american can you get? When did the “American Way” become so diluted and perverted? We used to be the “best” because of the actions we took in a positive way, taking care of your neighbors, watching out for each other. Now we just beat the shit out of someone who is a little better than us, to prove our superiority or to get our way.

    It is becoming a true disgrace.

  2. perkiset says:

    Unfortunately, very well said BD. I also have to agree that it’s torpedo rather than faith.

    Personally I don’t know many Repubs that have “faith” in their party, they believe that the Republican party will help them retain more of their own money… it is the Democrats that seem to blend faith into their political belief system. That’s also one of the things (IMO) that make this behavior by RWingers so repugnant – it’s beyond what’s best for the country by any stretch – it’s pure politics.

    I hope we can avert some of the disgrace you describe.

  3. vsloathe says:

    We can’t possibly be dumb enough to elect McCain or Huckleberry…can we?

  4. perkiset says:

    Lord I hope not VS, but I’m afraid that I’m not terribly optimistic nor easily enthusiastic at this point.

    Our compatriot Americans have proven themselves to be a pretty sturdily stupid bunch.

  5. Dink says:

    [quote VS]
    We can’t possibly be dumb enough to elect McCain….

    Although it pains me to say this, if it comes down to Clinton or McCant, then it will be a repugnantcan vote here.