Alaska is REALLY proud of their Governor

My favorite new DJ is The Jock of the Rock, KMXT 100.1 FM in Kodiak Alaska. Here you can see the post that really drove me in: …where they proudly display their governor like this: … I think it’s immensely appropriate and definitely shows off both her best assets and qualifications to be vice president, [...]

Clinton Nails It

After having nailed the compulsories with Hillary’s speech 2 nights ago, the Clinton team went on to the finals of the floor exercise, determined to prove that they are still, the undisputed champions of clutch politics. In a stunning speech, delivered with his usual calm precision and oh-so-practiced cadence, President Bill Clinton kept the members [...]

“That’s a major league fastball”

… quoth James Carville, the love child of Buddha and Uncle Duke during his first reaction to Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight. And man, is he right. The Clintons have always been clutch players, and the pressure and possibility for fame or flame could not have been higher tonight. She brought the heat when it was [...]

Plot to Kill Obama Exposed

According to the Political Wire, 3 people have been arrested in connection with a plot to kill Obama during his acceptance speech on Thursday night. It is not clear if they had figured out yet how to defeat the security features in place, but is concerning nonetheless. This is really what creeps me out. Every [...]

Michelle Obama, FTW!

Massive. White, black, male, female, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. Michelle Obama is clearly the best character witness that Barack could ever have wanted, and an extraordinary example for any human on what dignity and elegance looks like. And all of that AFTER Ted Kennedy, arguably one of the most emotional moments in any convention [...]