“That’s a major league fastball”

… quoth James Carville, the love child of Buddha and Uncle Duke during his first reaction to Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight. And man, is he right. The Clintons have always been clutch players, and the pressure and possibility for fame or flame could not have been higher tonight. She brought the heat when it was needed.

David Gergen said, “Nothing has been more becoming of her campaign, than the way she just ended it.” Spectacularly accurate. Tonight, Hillary did an enormous amount for Barack’s future … and did a tremendous amount for her own as well. I must admit that I have been pretty jaded and pissed off about how the Clintons have behaved in the last many weeks, and the magnanimity, generosity and focus of her message can not be understated.

Finally, Hillary Rosen wrapped Clinton’s speech into into a clear single message: “I am not your therapist. I am a Democrat. Let’s get it together and move on.” That’s it my friends (LOL, yes, pun intended) – it’s time to get united and throw the bum Repugnicans out of office and reclaim our America.

Go Hillary!