Bush Sucks Life from Liberty

This brilliant piece of artwork was done by someone named “Alex Roberts” but I cannot find that person. It was presented to me in a thread at the Syndk8. I am posting it here in hopes that A) it will inspire people to think and B) if someone knows who this artist is, I feel [...]

Vote For Any Democrat?

OK, so that’s the fashionable thing to say. “Any Dem over a ::shudder:: Republican. I am not so sure. In fact, I’m downright creeped out. First, let me piss Pinkhat off, who is pro-Hillary. I am not, and getting more so everyday. Pinkhat would love to see a woman President and frankly, so would I. [...]

Mosaic Cloaking: An Explanation

I realize that posting a technology trademark piece on a political blog is not necessarily on topic, but I’ve got another piece coming up right behind this one, so there. I am posting this here and now, because I want to set the record straight before anyone else goes off and tries to poach the [...]