I think this one really speaks for itself. George Takei strikes again. Have a great Monday!

NozzleRage: You’ve just got to see this

You’ve just got to go see this video: Nozzle Rage – it is short, cute and wryly humorous. You can click on the image to get there too.

Humpday Comedy

Just a little something to brighten the day – two images sent to me that are just delightfully funny. Have a good one! Republicans’ Best Campaign Tactic Driving Miss Hillary    

Hillary Hate: Flip Side

OK this is really isn’t just about Hillary, but more about Dumbocrats and perhaps the single most compelling reason why we should NOT win the white house next November. More and more lately, as Barack has taken hold of the race and eliminated the “inevitability factor” of Hillary, people are getting desperate in their support [...]

Bush Sucks Life from Liberty

This brilliant piece of artwork was done by someone named “Alex Roberts” but I cannot find that person. It was presented to me in a thread at the Syndk8. I am posting it here in hopes that A) it will inspire people to think and B) if someone knows who this artist is, I feel [...]