Vote For Any Democrat?

OK, so that’s the fashionable thing to say. “Any Dem over a ::shudder:: Republican. I am not so sure. In fact, I’m downright creeped out.

First, let me piss Pinkhat off, who is pro-Hillary. I am not, and getting more so everyday. Pinkhat would love to see a woman President and frankly, so would I. I am of the opinion that there would be much more caring and less war in our country, except every 28 days when we’d go bomb some little country for not picking up their shoes beside the bed. But I digress. Women are just more level headed, yes? More rational. More considerate and less hawkish.

Um, that is unless you’re the Iron Lady of the Realm, Madge “Mad Dog” Thatcher herself. Perhaps Evita Peron was another example of a female that just wasn’t quite of the same cut as Mother Theresa. Given Hillary’s tough talk about torture, her support of the war thus far and her unwillingness to even talk about when the troops will come home makes me question her progressive qualifications and her Democratic orientation. Perhaps shes sort of an Auntie Tom.

Another fine example is Bill “Can’t we all just be friends” Richardson. I really liked the policies he put forth in New Mexico. He was a solid executive. He’s got the resume, let me tell you. And asked direct questions about virtually anything of substance in a debate he’s like a deer in the headlights or and old man fumbling for the keys in his pocket. Disoriented and disjointed, that is NOT that man I want at the helm when it’s time to decide if we need to push the big red button.

I could go on about what pisses me off about some of the Democrats and why I wouldn’t vote for them, but let’s take just a moment and reflect on the thinking of some of our Dumbercrats. Consider, for example, the Progressive and Democratic credentials of our own political Uncle Tom, Joe Lieberman. Who is a proponent of the war in Iraq. Who thinks we can “win over there.” Who is now endorsing John McCain for President. Endorsing John McCain for President. Who slipped him a glass of Koolaide? Is he freaking kidding? I mean, he pissed me off with his whiney just-on-the-edge-of-crying kind of voice during the Gore campaign, but I never thought he’d be so blatantly obtuse. If this is what Democrats look like today I’m REALLY frightened.

So what’s a thinking progressive to do? Well, some of my friends think that Ron Paul is the answer. It is true that he holds some interesting ideas about protecting American people before other countries. I like that. It’s also true that he wants to eliminate almost all federal programs and world organizations that we participate in and allow a corporatacracy to consume our country. A Ron Paul Revolution in many ways is like a duck making a lateral move to ala Range (Thanks, Donald Sutherland).

It is unfortunate that Frodo whoops, I mean Kucinich, will not get many votes because he, in many ways, is to the Dems what Ron Paul is to the Repubs. And I don’t know that I’d be unhappy with a President Dodd or Biden – although my father would be pissed off at that.

Then again, if the Repubs put up “Yuck Yuck Yuckabee” or perhaps John “The Terminator” McCain, or the Stepfordesque Romney or … oh can I even say it… that greaseball wad of horsepoop Ewlianni, Then I’d probably vote for just about anyone else.

Even Hillary.


  1. braindonkey says:

    to comment specifically on the Lieberman endorsement of McCain. I think this was purely a “duck out” move on his part. Aside from the fact that when he talks I pray for deafness to strike me, he is not a dumb guy. McCain can’t win, and Lieberman has been jilted by his own original party to some extent, so how better to fully portray himself as a ‘new found man’ of independence and non-partisan thinking, than to endorse a very visible figure from the other side of the original isle.

    Sure they agree on some things, but its pretty obvious when you endorse a lame duck that you are just trying to end the questions and giving a subtle “fuck you” to the people you used to side with.

    On the topic of Hillary. I agree, she is yet-another-politician. But I think the best message that this country could send to the rest of the world, that we are ready to grow up and stop being a mouthy teenager of a nation, would be to elect a woman into office. Does she have some opinions that I disagree with? of course, but I am never going to find a candidate I agree with most, just one I disagree with least. Universal Healthcare, children first, environment, less war, more hugging, etc.

    Also, i think this country is more ready to vote a woman into office vs a black man. It sucks, but it’s true. Do you think the majority of middle america, the south, and redneck country can handle the idea of a black guy making decisions that will appear to affect their lives? Doubt it. But… It would score major points again in the ‘we are growing up’ image we need to portray.

  2. perkiset says:

    “A mouthy teenager of a nation” Cripes pal, it’s clear the writer’s strike is over – that’s just rich.

    I agree with you about 95% – I am just not yet ready to believe that those same bigoted buttwipes would rather see a whoaman runnin’ the show than a black MAN. “Mebbe heez a nigger’nall, but hell, at least he’s got nuts whenee needzum!” I dunno, I just don’t see them going to war for a woman yet either.

    I think either would be a great thing to say to the world… but right after the we’re so cool party, it’ll be pretty important that they are somewhat uniters for the nation rather than the wedgeworks we’ve had in power for the last 7 years. And another fear I have is that Hillary will be as hated as Dubya, furthering the schism rather than starting a heal… if in fact any such miracle is ever again to be seen.

  3. vsloathe says:

    Just can’t get excited about any of them. Granted, it would be best if the office of the President were stripped back down to the its former role so that some checks and balances in our governmental system could once again be established. If that were to happen, it wouldn’t really matter who got elected.

    Quite frankly, whoever I think is most likely to vanquish this piss-poor and broken healthcare system that favors those who can deny the most coverage will get my vote. Hillary’s been bought by them. She tried once and all signs point to it being considered a lost cause for her.

  4. perkiset says:

    I’m in about the same boat I’m afraid… none of them really excite me at all. And I’m right with you that SOMEONE has got to do something about healthcare, but I doubt it will happen this time around.


  5. Willyp?? says:

    Hey son, I wouldn’t be pissed with Biden or Dodd! I don’t like them as much as Kucinich, but you can’t always have everything you want. I first started voting in 1961, and I have never seen anything quite like this before. It is obvious that the media is owned by the corporations, only wanting us to focus on the banal and meaningless, rather than the substantive. I have yet to hear a real exploration of candidates positions on issues. It’s all sound bites and photo ops.

    The Ron Paul thing is interesting. He is either a loon, a goon or a buffoon. His position on the war is becoming silly (ie: out in 3 months . . . a tactical impossibility), on the economy is really simplistic (ie: let it go, the market will take care of it), and on a sense of social responsibility, he is downright irresponsible (let people do whatever they want. Dont tell them what to do.). What silliness.

    The sad thing is that no one is really considering what either Kucinich or Edwards are saying about corporations. They are simply dismissed as unelectable and therefore irrelevant. Well why don’t we all vote for Kucinich and elect him. I’m going to.

    As far as the woman vs black thing, I think it is a dodge to avoid the real issues. I agree with your Maggie Thatcher allusion, but don’t forget Bhutto, Indira Ghandi, and other women who did great things all month long. Concerning the fear of electing either a racial or gender different candidate, we as Democrats have always stood in fear of how the red neck assholes are going to react. I think it is time to make them come into tow. It is time for us to be brave and take back our democracy.