Plot to Kill Obama Exposed

According to the Political Wire, 3 people have been arrested in connection with a plot to kill Obama during his acceptance speech on Thursday night. It is not clear if they had figured out yet how to defeat the security features in place, but is concerning nonetheless.

This is really what creeps me out. Every time I see him speak I get this kind of dread in my stomach that someone is going to take a shot … and all the references to Kennedy and the kids last night did NOT help. It’s almost worse that I’ve begun to hope, ever so slightly, that the dream could really happen… that Kennedy’s vision may finally be reanimated – our country reinvigorated to a purpose more grand than just “Where can I score my next buck.”

Man I hope those SS boys are really on the dot. You can catch what little article there is, here: Arrests made in plot to harm obama.


  1. braindonkey says:

    same here. every time I wake up and turn on the news, when I see him speaking, the first thought sadly is “cool he hasn’t been shot yet.”

    Really though from what I saw, it’s still not certain what those guys were doing. But you know the part that impressed me about those dipshits? The big guy took a dive out the 6th floor window to get away from the cops, and only broke his ankle…