Michelle Obama, FTW!


White, black, male, female, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. Michelle Obama is clearly the best character witness that Barack could ever have wanted, and an extraordinary example for any human on what dignity and elegance looks like. And all of that AFTER Ted Kennedy, arguably one of the most emotional moments in any convention in recent memory.

WELL DONE Michelle, we’re all looking forward to seeing you in the white house, and you’re certainly pulling your weight on the road to it.


  1. WillyP says:

    Well said, Perkiset. I can’t wait to see just how the Republicans try to offset tonight’s presentation. Actually I can. Think of it, Cindy McCain giving us the insight on how she stole (read bought) McGrumpypants from his exwife while she (his ex, was recovering from a disfiguring automobile accident. Only the Newtster was meaner and more crass in his divorce). Then she can tell us all about how she controls the money (since it’s hers, not his) in the family and how John couldn’t possibly know how many houses she owns. Then Mittens (if he is the one) gets up and poofs his plastic hair and does a Max Headroom. Or it might be Lieberman, standing up there imitating Mr. Droopydog, talking about how he only has to prompt Johnny boy in those rare senior moments. I think it will be a classic.

  2. perkiset says:

    roflmao: roflmao:

    Nice WP – if it weren’t for the fact that they are serious I’d be laughing more… oh wait, you are too ;) The problem is, of course, that the poop slinging will continue, and regardless of the OBVIOUS quality of that woman, she will be dragged down hard by the Repugnicans because she *has* to be… all they really have left is hate and misdirection.

    Oh wait, I forgot – they LIKE using those tools.

  3. braindonkey says:

    lol I just noticed your new header graphic. I wuv you georgie.