Lying as a campaign strategy

Amazing. To listen to Mittens respond to SCOTUS’ upholding the individual mandate you’d have to come to the conclusion that Obama has passed a law specifically designed to destroy our country. It’ll explode deficits, kill jobs, make people lose their insurance and put the government between”you and your doctor.” He’s simply lying. Works for the [...]

Fairness. What it really means.

‎”Fairness” is a function of impact and capability, not a numeric value. That’s why you don’t grade a second grader’s 90% as a higher gross capability than a 7th grader’s 85%. That’s also why our progressive tax system works. A “fair” tax of 15% for everyone is not actually “fair” because the impact is radically [...]

Junkie Right Wing Stooge Picks Democrat Nominee!

That’s what the headlines will say if Hillary actually takes the nomination now.Just a little more data from yesterday (Fair notice: These are representative and incomplete. They are also scoffed from Air America directly and not researched personally) One of the counties in Ohio has +/- 12,000 registered Democrats. That county registered over 28,000 democratic [...]

Fears Confirmed!

On Air America (Thom Hartmann show) they ran a quick poll in TX to see how many people are Republican but voted for Hillary… in 15 minutes they had over 1200 emails confirming that this was exactly what they had done… Thom mentioned that a great many were actually gleeful that they could do it. [...]

Hillary takes Texas… really?

CNN claims that Hillary won Texas because of undecided white male voters that changed to vote for her within the last 3 days before the primary. Am I the only one that sees that as enormously suspicious? I mean, isn’t it pretty clear if you are a white male in the state where George Bush [...]