Hillary takes Texas… really?

CNN claims that Hillary won Texas because of undecided white male voters that changed to vote for her within the last 3 days before the primary.

Am I the only one that sees that as enormously suspicious?

I mean, isn’t it pretty clear if you are a white male in the state where George Bush came from where you stand re. Hillary? There were that many people that were SUDDENLY swayed into voting for her? She’s both adored and reviled pretty staunchly… so how can this be?

Yes, I have a theory: If you were tuned in at all to the right wing noise machine Monday and yesterday then you would have heard the likes of Rush all exercised about getting EVERYONE to vote for Hillary… why is this? Because they feel dead certain that they can beat her in the general election. The right wing WANTS Hillary as an opponent… does that not scare us horribly?

In my opinion, Bill’s antics cost us the white house for the last 8 years. Had he behaved differently during his presidency and not been impeached then we’d have Al Gore as a president, there’d be no Iraq war, we’d be on a path to energy independence and I would not be embarrassed speaking to my international friends. If their (the Clinton’s) personal love of power is so strong that they cannot see what is really best for the country (for her to go away), she takes the primary and then loses the general election to a war mongering fogey they will never be forgiven. They will have reduced their once-formidable legacy to something similar to Ralph Nader’s cartoon status (on a good day) or worse, being personally responsible for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of middle eastern peoples.

The longer this goes, the more I want her out of the race. However that being said, I am pretty alarmed by Obama’s lack of effective response to a week-ish of bad press and problems… I think the Clinton campaign has expertly and effectively pulled a string from his sweater and demonstrated that he MAY be ill-prepared to handle really tough stuff. The road to Pennsylvania is long and rocky… I guess I am looking forward to seeing how both candidates work through it.

In other news, Mike finally got out of the race last night. As the embodiment of the blending of church and state, all I can say is, “Huckin’ A Bubba!”