Why Bain Capital Matters

Mitt is going make all kinds of noise about why the Bain Capital issue is just an Obama team lie – how it’s just a distraction from the real problem (the economy) and how it’s dirty politics. But it’s norm and here’s why. Ever turn in a tax return? A corporate filing? Notice how it [...]

Lying as a campaign strategy

Amazing. To listen to Mittens respond to SCOTUS’ upholding the individual mandate you’d have to come to the conclusion that Obama has passed a law specifically designed to destroy our country. It’ll explode deficits, kill jobs, make people lose their insurance and put the government between”you and your doctor.” He’s simply lying. Works for the [...]

Fairness. What it really means.

‎”Fairness” is a function of impact and capability, not a numeric value. That’s why you don’t grade a second grader’s 90% as a higher gross capability than a 7th grader’s 85%. That’s also why our progressive tax system works. A “fair” tax of 15% for everyone is not actually “fair” because the impact is radically [...]

Libertarians Are Lazy Whiners.

I’ve been going back and forth with Lupus about how America and taxes are like a gun in your face – the Federal government is essentially a thug that is extracting your money “by force” and “with a gun in your face.” Although I agree that our current administration IS a bunch of thugs and [...]

Bush: Do as I say, not as I do

Short and sweet today. I woke up to Dubya verbally assaulting Congress on how they need to get to work. “They have a lot of work to do” he popped out repeatedly… insinuating that in some way Congress has been sitting their thumbs and relaxing while he’s been hard at work. Well, in some ways [...]