Hillary takes Texas… really?

CNN claims that Hillary won Texas because of undecided white male voters that changed to vote for her within the last 3 days before the primary. Am I the only one that sees that as enormously suspicious? I mean, isn’t it pretty clear if you are a white male in the state where George Bush [...]

Howard Dean goes on record

I am REALLY PLEASED because I just heard on CNN, Howard Dean commit to the notion of, “We started this process with a set of rules… and you can’t change the rules after you start” regarding seating the Florida and Michigan delegates. This is absolutely the most appropriate thing, so that the Clinton camp can’t [...]

Taxes And Rifles And Books, Oh My!

So this morning I am greeted on my local politics threads and radio with the unfortunate news that Arizona must cut 67 million from its budget next year. This is a necessary measure be try to get towards our goal of a balanced budget every year. This news was sandwiched between two stories that I [...]