Crap Patrol: Following the Righties

I’d love to say that I’m amazed by the brazenly stupid parade of crap being floated by the frothing right wing, but alas I am not. Their tired, monochromatic whining is ever so similar to what it has been, only dustier and less effective. It’s still fun, I’ll give them that. I’m not even going to link to the sites and stations I’ve read this hooie on, because it doesn’t even warrant the digital ink it’s pushed to you on.

Rush Limbaugh has already started on a new technique – the day before yesterday he started using “The Obama Recession” as he begins his blame spewing ramp up. What a buffoon. To prey on listeners who are clearly so thinking-disabled that they can neither A) change the channel or B) figure out that he is a cartoon, is horrible. Someone needs to introduce him to his new wife, Bubba, in cell block D.

Several of the Faux News anchors are already on about how Obama has either taken the law into his own hands, or is skirting the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights AND his beloved Koran, or is too arrogantly assuming power too early, or is not doing anywhere near enough to get a hold of the issues. Or all at the same time. Honestly I’m getting to the point where I can’t even watch for research, they are so slimy and repulsive.

There are now a whole buttload of right-wing groups already working aggressively on Obama’s impeachment. The grounds are as-yet unknown, but I’m certain they’ll figure out what to pin on him as soon as they learn to read. Apparently they imagine it takes less than six seconds after the oath of office is taken for the new President to violate his Constitutional duties. That would be impressive indeed.

There’s another fringe group claiming that Obama wishes to eliminate all guns. All guns. Eliminate ‘em. :roll: Lordy.

Faux News Again and Limbaugh amongst a host of other windbags: Obama plans to eliminate them from the airwaves. Well, there is a certain modicum of truth here: Obama has been quoted as saying that the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated – this is a law that essentially says you can’t have a radio station that is 100% gas conservative, you must allow time for balancing viewpoints. So, it is conceivable that some of these boys would have to either give up time or move to other slots to make time for competing opinions. Can’t you just imagine Rush having to clear the airwaves for Olberman? Ah, delightful.

Of course it’s old news that Ben Stein and Glenn Beck have compared Obama to Hitler, Mussolini, Karl Marx, Stalin, Juan and Evita Peron, Hannibal, Genghis Kahn, Pinhead from the movie “Hellraiser,” the Joker, Riddler and even the evil genius Spongebob Squarepants, but that specter is raising it’s ugly head yet again as the distinguished gentleman from Georgia, Representative Paul Broun claims that Obama may be pushing to do much the same thing as was done in the Third Reich from a political control standpoint. Also that he is trying to set himself up as a Marxist dictator. Now, step away, for just a moment, from the fact that he is saying Obama is both a fascist AND a marxist dictator, let’s just consider what it means to have a Congressman from the USofA saying something like this: “You have to remember that Adolf Hitler was elected in a democratic Germany … what I’m saying is there is the potential of going down that road.” I’m afraid that the bogeymen the meaningless yet inconsequential right are going float will get bigger and bigger until they can prove that Obama is the devil himself. Although Rep. Broun apologized if he offended anyone with his remarks about Obama being a marxist, he is standing by everything he said. I think he’s more worried about pissing off marxists than Obama.

Bill Maher is not helping. Last Friday he said, “I don’t want to hear…” and went on a litany about things he doesn’t want to hear the Republicans say about Obama. Some of them quite pointed and strong. However, WGAF if Bill Maher doesn’t want to hear them? The point should be that we all want to hear the TRUTH not the trumped up bullshit produced by the petulant miscreants that squat the stupid side of the aisle. Bill needs to hear that crap and continue to push as he has this last summer. His heart is in the right place, but it’s clear that he’s ready for his season to be over.

Of course the most frightening thing I’ve heard all week is how Dubya welcomed the new President Elect – “We’re going to help him in his transition in every way we can.” Obviously, Still President Bush thinks that issuing as many costly, damaging and mean spirited Executive Orders before he takes off are just the red carpet Obama needs. It is rumored that the list of EOs Obama will be reversing is in the 200 zone for day one already. Some will take immediate effect, some may take years to unwind. Welcome to the White House, Mr. Obama.

Here we go! :popcorn:


  1. braindonkey says:

    It seems we are on similar wavelengths.

    The things I have heard already on the news have been:
    Obama Recession
    Swearing in on the Koran

    All three of which made my head hurt.
    When they were speaking of the Obama recession, they were not speaking of the recession that is in the making, which will come to head during Obama’s tenure most likely. They were actually having the balls to blame the CURRENT recession on Obama??? WTF? LOL

    Swearing in on the Koran. FFS I kind of wish he would. Or maybe a madlib or a roll of toilet paper. In the end, it all has the same relevance as the bible.

    And the impeachment. I wonder if they will try to impeach him because he is half black, but LIES because he says he is black!!!! LOL. Or maybe they will impeach him because he is hawaiian, and after all, he must smoke pot, because all those surf heads do.

    The EOs that he has to deal with is interesting. I can’t even imagine that first day of work. “mr president, do you want us to keep electrocuting the testicles of gitmo detainees?”

  2. perkiset says:

    @ gitmo detainees – I’d laugh if I could muster enough black humor in my heart, alas I fear you are right about what goes on there in our name.

    @ Koran v. Bible et al: don’t you just REALLY REALLY wish that the highest power someone needed to swear to was themselves and their integrity? We saw Flash of Genius tonight so I’m on it about what’s right. It’s almost trite to me that *I* might lie, but if I swear to God then I won’t. What does that say about us? Does no one value their own word enough to keep it simply for the sake of their own self respect?

    Gonna post re. the EOs in just a moment – Keith Olbermann had something interesting to say about that tonight.