Hypocrisy Central or The Rubber Stamp Stops Here*

So this morning Bush starts talking about how Senate appropriates are all bollocks up and they need to get to it! There are 12 appropriations that will expire by next week and they’d best get those appropriations up to him so he can sign them by golly! He also noted that the Dems want to [...]

Hellraiser 3: Return of Pinhead

Thanks to Nutballs who found this classic movie poster redux. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t really capture the horror of our current situation.

Bush on Healthcare: Go away kid, you bother me.

So yesterday Bush announces that the Dumbocrats’ plan for expanding the child medical insurance act (which would cover about 4M more uninsured children – up from 6M to 10M) is tantamount to Hillarycare & government controlled medicine. Well let’s see now. The first plan was passed by you and your boys pal. Seeing how it’s [...]

Jena-6: So it’s not about race, huh?

Last night a guy is stopped by a policeman for having two nooses hanging from the back of his truck as he drove through Jena. Today on CNN the local police report that the driver was questioned, but there is no discussion of hate crimes. Similarly, the boys that were suspended for hanging the nooses [...]

The Jena-6: Simple Injustice or Race Issue?

Well let’s see: the 3 WHITE boys that hung nooses in a tree where black people hang out simply got suspended from school. The 6 BLACK boys that beat him up are looking at 80 years in prison on attempted murder charges. The weapon was a shoe. Constrast that with the story coming out of [...]