Obamacare Upheld.

Fairness. What it really means.

‎”Fairness” is a function of impact and capability, not a numeric value. That’s why you don’t grade a second grader’s 90% as a higher gross capability than a 7th grader’s 85%. That’s also why our progressive tax system works. A “fair” tax of 15% for everyone is not actually “fair” because the impact is radically [...]

Democracy, Thwarted.

Unfortunately, we may well remember today as the day that the “great experiment in self governance” was finally undone. Today, in an astonishing wave of judicial activism, corporatist judges (under the guise of being conservatives) voted to grant corporations personhood in a way that allows them to levy all of their vast power and finance [...]

Why government must pay for abortions.

OK, I’ve been very conflicted on this, but the recent spate of nutjobs that are trying to push draconian rules against abortion through with the health bill have pushed me over the edge. This is actually quite simple. First, the Constitution acknowledges that no person shall be less privileged in our country because or their [...]

The Rude Pundit Strikes Again

Responding to the so-called Health Care riot, the Rude Pundit has, yet again, used humor to stab intensely at the core of this hyperbolic, ill conceived and frankly stupid outpouring by literally hundreds of people at the nation’s capital. I don’t often post about the Rude Pundit because, although brilliant and hilarious, he is often [...]