The Rude Pundit Strikes Again

Responding to the so-called Health Care riot, the Rude Pundit has, yet again, used humor to stab intensely at the core of this hyperbolic, ill conceived and frankly stupid outpouring by literally hundreds of people at the nation’s capital.

I don’t often post about the Rude Pundit because, although brilliant and hilarious, he is often over the top for most people. But in this case, it’s really perfect. Enjoy a Friday laugh if you dare!

“A modest proposal: Rape the guy holding the Holocaust sign”

This lunacy just simply must stop. The people whom are simply desperate to cut off their noses to spite their faces in the service of insurance company profits really must get better informed. “American Patriots” my ass. Unwitting supporters of fascism and a corporate aristocracy is more like it. I wonder how many of the older people there would actually be able to make it, if they didn’t have Medicare to take care of them?


  1. WillyP says:

    Fight fire with fire. The rude pundit speaks to my rage over the stupid and country-killing mindlessness that is the group called the “tea baggers.” My they all be tea bagged by alligators.

  2. perkiset says:

    ROFLMAO Nice one WP.

  3. WillyP says:

    You know Perk, the really sad thing about this tea bagger stuff is that the American system of politics has hit bottom. There is no desire on the part of the right, to actually discuss issues in order to find a meaningful solution. When I was younger, the goal was not to simply win, it was to explore the issue to find the best answer for the country. Unfortunately, the right has made that process null and void. The stuff that is coming out of the right, and I include the entire group, not just the nut jobs with the Dachau signs, is bereft of any sense of solution or negotiation. This entire movement is so upset that the Dems have won the white house and more importantly, with a “black man” at the helm, that they only want to bring him down. It is disgraceful, and anyone who considers him/herself a “conservative” should be ashamed. They certainly have abandoned that which is American.

  4. perkiset says:

    I completely agree WP.

    The notion is all about Win and Lose, My Party Your Party and not what is best for America in general. Consider, for just a moment, the statements from Steele about how NO Republican will be allowed to vote for health care, and if they do, then he’ll come after them. It is cliquish high school dodgeball, hardly a way to work towards a better country.

    But in fairness, that is the conservative notion: what WAS is better than what COULD BE. So they’re romantic notions of how things were (but actually weren’t, the unwashed masses are simply uneducated to either know or remember how things really have been) are superior to the bogeyman presented by pseudo-authoritative sources, like Beck and Limbaugh.

    The anger feels good and blends nicely with their discomfort and concern about their own life. It is comforting to know that there is someone or something responsible for their lot in life.

    Kind of like Jews. And Gypsies and Gays. Hmmm… where have I heard that before…?

  5. Edgar says:

    Perk, “So they’re romantic notions of how things were (but actually weren’t, the unwashed masses are simply uneducated to either know or remember how things really have been) are superior to the bogeyman presented by pseudo-authoritative sources”

    Willy, “When I was younger, the goal was not to simply win, it was to explore the issue to find the best answer for the country. ”

    Perk, was your statement a response to Willy’s? If so, why did you inject the names of Beck and Limbaugh?

  6. WillyP says:

    Edgar, neither my comment nor Perk’s was aimed at the “unwashed masses [or] simply uneducated.” That group has always been present in our country. We both speak of the slime bag tv/radio hucksters because they represent the lowest form of political endeavor, rabble rousing, and how the right has latched onto that format instead of honestly considering the issues that face the country. Additionally, the right loves to look back on a fictional history that glorifies and rewrites the presidency of Reagan and now Bush, and also lies about the “morality” of the “50s.” The one thing I will say about the Repubs prior to the beginning of the great destruction that was Reagan, is that they for the most part, looked to the country’s best interest. Eisenhower shut down McCarthy, the Repubs on the hill asked Nixon to resign, etc. Now the right has no commitment to anything besides smearing.

  7. perkiset says:

    Yeah. What he said. ;)

  8. WillyP says:

    Perk: I hope I didn’t steal your thunder there!

  9. philipc says:

    Perk…Great politics blog! At first your home page says

    “Our Constitution is under seige. Our nation is begin taken from us as we watch.”

    I thought oh-no, that sounds like something tea-baggers would say.

    I was very relieved to read your intelligent point-of-view!


  10. Edgar says:


    My comment wasn’t aimed at the unwashed masses either. Can’t you tell from the content and context of the two sentences I’m comparing, what I’m trying to show?

    One is talking about people who hearken back to a time gone by with romantic notions. The other is actually doing just that. What irony. Too bad you dunces are too thick to appreciate it.


    you always talk about what the right thinks. Everyone on the right thinks this, the people on the right always do this, the right does it like this etc…

    Isn’t this the “black and white” world that Perk is always trying to project on me?

    EVERYBODY on the right thinks LIKE THIS. I think you are both full of shit. I think you embrace contrarianism because for some reason you think there’s wisdom in it.

    I think you guys fancy yourselves as famous left-wing political talk show superstars. Kind of like left-wing Rush’s. Big, loud and powerful.

    I think Obama is out in 2012 btw. He’s bowed down to the king of Saudi Arabia (all the way to the floor FGS!) and the so called emperor of Japan. What next? Is he going to bow down to the Burger King? Gimme a break.

    Conservatives are coming out of the woodwork. There hasn’t been a conservative rally of any kind that I can remember until just recently. What is getting all these conservatives worked up and off the couch?

    I think a couple of things are bothering conservatives. For one, they don’t like seeing this ultra liberal communist president ruin the country. On the other hand, conservatives are fed up with republicans. We need a third party and then some.

    While I’ve got you on the phone…

    What about that Hassan guy? The major who blew away his fellow soldiers while screaming Allah Akbar or whatever. Another doctor! Remember the muslims who attacked the trains in london? They were doctors too. So much for educating their way out of darkness!

    Now Obama in afghanistan. He’s voting PRESENT again. Don’t give me that, “He’s being cautious, unlike gwb” crap!! That’s like saying the guy infront of you, who fell asleep at the wheel at a red light, is being cautious by not going when it’s green.

    Obama, worst president ever. what has this guy done besides bow down shamelessly to kiss royal ass? Check out Tim Geitner. He’s Obama’s Rumsfeld.

    If you want to know how the hell this country could have voted for sara palin in 2012, just thank obama for paving the way. Only he could make it possible.

    :doh: :doh: :doh:

  11. perkiset says:

    There are clearly two Edgars.

    One that speaks with a reasonable amount of articulate introspection and works to dissect a notion, and then this one – whom says things like “you two dunces” and we’re both “full of shit.”

    This one is most ugly and dense, and tremendously unattractive from a discussion point of view. Either that or you simply drunk-posting. Yep – that’s probably it.

    Sara Palin in 2012? If she gets the nomination she will *cement* the loss of Republican stature for decades to come.

  12. Edgar says:

    Hey man, give me break would ya? I’ll was feeling loose, lazy and casual but I don’t drink.

    Palin- say what you want but she’s as qualified as the next guy, after all, she was the governor of Alaska. That’s not exactly chopped liver. Obama never had a *real* job and he’s the president. Obama hasn’t even run a hotdog cart, nevermind a busness – now he’s running the biggest business in the world! Of course, I’m sure now he realizes that there are only 50 states in the union…

    Governors a generally considered to be qualified to be president so what’s you beef with Palin? She had a tremendous approval rating too. I think you raise the standard above and beyond *just for her* and that’s not fair.

    I think Obama is out in 2012. His approval ratings are in a slump and he’s not getting anything done. He’s indecisive (not prudent as you would claim but rather ineffective) and out of touch with what the american people want. Polls show that people don’t care about health care reform. More people are interested in reducing the deficit.

    Also, he is not providing leadership in Afghanistan. He’s just not cut out to be president; he’s better off as a senator where he can vote Present.

  13. perkiset says:

    Palin’s approval rating is *desperately* partisan, and extreme as well. Most Republicans want nothing to do with her, because they know that she spells their doom.

    She is attractive and wildly popular to the fringe, shrill elements of the conservative base, but is essentially a non-starter anywhere else. “Qualified because she was governor?” Yikes man – she was horrible, left them in debt after starting with a surplus and is not at all popular back home.

    @ Obama – standard contrarian arguments. Irrespective of your opinion, he IS president, deserves to be there and was an excellent choice for our country. In fact, even the right wing begrudgingly concedes that his patience with Afghanistan has been good, because he’s been able to see the result of elections, structure et al – in other words, he’s gotten a much better lay of the land (as it has, yet again been jumbled) before he commityed troops (or not). I am NOT for moving more troops to Afghanistan and on this I will disagree with him. We’ll have to see how he does here.

    @ ratings: you are not correct. His ratings among independents and democrats are quite stable. He has slipped from 18% to 10% among white Republican men, which is hardly a surprise and certainly accounts for the few overall percentage points. People are not most interested in the deficit: they are interested in jobs and healthcare. Most people are not yet making enough money or are unafraid enough to be concerned about anything as far away as cerebral as “The Deficit.” Most people can’t even tell you why we have one, what it is or why it *can* be an important tool for the government.

    Interestingly, you call him ineffective – if you look at the legislation that has moved and what has been done in his first year, some is absolute record timing. Much like Boosh said that history would judge him (and it is) Obama at the very least gets the opportunity to work through his presidency and Congress to move his agenda.

    You’re just spouting meng.

  14. Edgar says:

    Rasmussen ( by test) “27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. This is the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for President Obama”

    “Fifty-two percent (52%) of Democrats Strongly Approve while 68% of Republicans Strongly Disapprove.”

    “Among those not affiliated with either major political party, just 16% Strongly Approve and 51% Strongly Disapprove”

    “Overall, 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That matches the lowest level of total approval yet measured for this president.”

    Statistically speaking and historically verified, the Rasmussen Polls is, hands down, the most accurate of all major polls.

    “Additionally, an analysis by partner Charles Franklin “found that despite identically sized three-day samples, the Rasmussen daily tracking poll is less variable than Gallup.”

    So Perk, things aren’t as rosy as you seem to want to believe. Not at all. Rasmussen is much more reliable than the rest too. All one has to do is compare pre-election poll predictions with the actual outcome. In every case Rasmussen is closest, and that is just plain fact, verified by history.

    So Frosty is melting.

  15. Edgar says:

    Hey Perk, why is Obama *SO* anti-peace?

    He’s escalating the war in Afghanistan, despite the fact that he knows his base, who got him elected, is against the war.

    Obama is the Black GWB. He’s not “comfortable” with victory and he’s not discussing exit strategies. He’s just sending 30,000 more of our finest into the war machine.

    How’s that hope and change working out for you? Let’s see, after a year of Obama we have no health care bill, prisoners still in guantanamo, troops still in iraq (with no idea what is going on mind you) and an escalation of the war in afghanistan.

    This guy is definitely worse than bush!

  16. perkiset says:

    @ SO anti-peace, Black GWB, worse than Bush: well, you’re clearly spoiling for a fight here.

    I don’t like the notion either – but I think his speech last night was perhaps the most adult, pragmatic speech we’ve heard from a president in a decade – which would certainly explain why you didn’t like it.

    I think it’s an absolutely horrible situation that your boy put us in, years and years ago – then abandoned it as he went on to Iraq. The adults are in charge and they are trying to figure out a way for us to leave with honor and not destroy a country in the process. That’ll be tough, given that the Booshies did their level best to fuck us up – but if anyone can do it, I think this administration will.

    Re. healthcare: well, we’d have healthcare, and a good one as well – if it wasn’t for the flat out, irrational and stupid obstructionist policies of the Repubs. I think we’re going to be able to get past those assholes tho. And Gitmo will be fixed. And Iraq will be drawn down as well – the timetable is in place and is operating.

    I know you think that things should happen as quickly as you screw Edgar – but nothing moves that fast. Rather than rabbit policy we’re going to do things in a way that makes things BETTER, rather than overall shitty.

    Have faith Edgar! Most of the crap that your boys put in place will be unwound, or at least in progress of being unwound before the end of his first term. And in his second, I think we’ll actually start moving forward again.

  17. Edgar says:


    “you’re clearly spoiling for a fight here. ”

    Wait until my new book comes out, “Obama is Not Great (and how liberalism poisons everything)”

    Perk, you *totally* crack me up. I love this line, “I don’t like the notion either – but I think his speech last night was perhaps the most adult, pragmatic speech we’ve heard from a president in a decade – which would certainly explain why you didn’t like it.”

    Let me take the liberalism out of that and restate it as such, “I don’t like what Obama is doing either, but he suuuure does give a good talkin’ to!” LMAO!!! LMAO!!!

    Hey, did you hear that Obama is taking over McDonalds? It’s true. Now, when you go through the drive-thru, you just order and the guy behind you pays your bill. LMAO!!!

    Now let’s be serious. When BUSH was pres-o-dint the liberals just wanted him to pull out (pardon the ugly imagery) immediately. Don’t you remember? There was no winning the war, they had been fighting amongst themselves for thousands of years, we shouldn’t *be* in that illegal war, *Just Leave Now*

    No one wanted to hear bush’s excuses about not letting iraq fall like a house of cards.

    NOPE! (fingers in ears, blah blah blah, I can’t hear you,blah blah blah)

    Now we know what’s really going on don’t we. Obama is serving *his* special interest groups by escalating the war in afghanistan, and unnecessarily prolonging the war in iraq.

    Perk, why are we still in Iraq? Don’t friggen tell me that *NOW* you suddenly believe the bush philosophy ie “we can’t leave just like that, iraq will be a mess”

    Obama is in it for the oil, just like bush was. Now with regard to afghanistan all I can say is, “Obama lied, people died”

    Have a nice day…sucker!

    Hope and Change


  18. Edgar says:

    Incredible! I had an epiphany!! I figured out how to escape from the war on terror, all by myself. Here’s how we do it, now pay attention.

    We gather together in stadiums across america (huge event) and get the tv cameras rolling. Then, all at once, in unison, we simply declare to Bin Laden that Allan is God and there is no other!

    Let’s just renounce our christianity, agnosticism, atheism and all the rest!! That’s what the islamic freedom fighters want isn’t it? Conversion or death to the infidel right? Right. So…

    Would you join me Perk in ending this war? All we have to do is proclaim that Allah is the only true god and announce our collective conversion. Would you do that?

    Obama has, sort of. He did say that America was a muslim nation, in egypt I believe.

    Well there’s the solution anyway. Sound good?