Back… To The Future!

Consider this, my right-wing warmongering friends:

If we honestly believe that one of the reasons Dubya went to Iraq was to avenge the contract put out on daddy, then is it too far a stretch to imagine that a President McCain would keep us in Iraq as long as necessary to vicariously repair the damage done to him during his 5 year imprisonment in Viet Nam?

Clearly, with his rhetoric about 100 years or more, “We are making progress,” “We will win regardless of what it takes.” “With honor” and such he is reliving his Viet Nam through the middle east and feels the pain of the soldiers there. Would it not be better for him to care for his military brethren  by bringing them home and retask the money he would put into bullets towards hospitals and care for those that have given so much?

Why must we be subjected to McCain’s mental torment over losing Viet Nam at the expense of our economy, our future and most importantly, the lives and health of our youngest and strongest?

To our future president: Please, for the love of god, country and countrymen, get us out of that quagmire. Let us start to endure the inevitable embarrassment and national shame we deserve for our imperialist excursions and FINALLY start to learn how to behave as an international citizen nation, rather than the school bully. Let us begin to scab over the wounds we have gut in our national body and our relationships with the rest of the world. Let us begin the process of growing up.


  1. vsloathe says:

    Preach it, you commie lover!


    Good sentiments to which more Americans would do well to listen.

  2. Willyp?? says:

    vsloathe: You are such a political child. You, like so many who share your feelings, think of international politics as if they were the super bowl and you have to stay loyal to the Patriots. You are the first to hang a yellow ribbon magnate and a flag magnate on your car and feel so wonderful about your patriotic verve; a verve that needlessly kills so many of those soldiers you supposedly support. When was the last time you were in harms way for your country. I’ll bet never. I’ll bet you are one of those pompous blowhards who love to send troops to fight but have (as in Dick Cheney’s mind) other priorities for yourself. I feel nothing but contempt for you. You and yours will be the destruction of this country.


  3. perkiset says:

    WOW big words WP – I know VS pretty well and I think he was pulling my leg … however your feelings are perfectly aimed at a whole block of people that I have nothing but disdain for as well. And this election is certainly showing that off… what with Boosh’s comment the other day, that with this election, “Peace and Prosperity hang in the balance…” Good lord if this is peace and prosperity we are just SCREWED.

    Nice to see you around… perhaps I’ll be able to return the favor in a couple days… ;)

  4. vsloathe says:

    Interesting response Willy. We have no argument though. You mistakenly assumed I was serious. I wouldn’t have posted the ROFL smiley if I were.

    There are no liberals in these United States who are far enough left for me, for I am an anarcho-syndicalist at heart. I don’t believe in national pride, patriotism, or war at all. I believe they are tools of the state to subjugate the bourgeiouse.

    By the by, I believe you were meaning to use the word “magnet”, as a magnate is one who has acquired great power and wealth in a particular facet of industrialization e.g. a “shipping magnate” or “oil magnate”. That is neither here nor there, I understood your meaning.

    Quite a vociferous attack you’ve written – it turns out to be aimed at an entirely straw man of a perception. Right wingers make me ill, and progressives (don’t you DARE call them liberals, there are no liberals in this country) just lack balls. The progressive party in this country is far too right for me. Additionally, I don’t believe getting out of Iraq to be enough. You see, we have this assumption: We constantly assume that it is our right to preemptively attack other sovereign nations. The question is not “By what moral authority can we justify an invasion of X country?”, it is “Does X country have nukes, or a crazy guy in power?”. The foregone conclusion is that it is our right, nay; our duty, to invade said country on the premises of “Protecting Freedom”. No, leaving Iraq would be merely the first step, a thimblefull of water to quench the firey inferno that is our nation’s foreign policy. We’re heading down in flames. It may be slow burning, but it needs to be put out before it’s too late.

    We are 5% of the world’s population, and we don’t hold a monopoly on freedom. Lately, there are a plethora of things we value much moreso, it would seem. A startling trend to anyone who’s watching. Regardless, we will fall. Like the British Empire before us and like the Roman Empire before it, we will fall. I only hope that we can remain as a civilization – more in the fashion of Britain than the myriad of empires of whose culture and people we have little to no knowledge. They, like us, assumed that they could do no wrong, for they were bringing “freedom and democracy” to whomever it was that they conquered (or whatever the popular doublespeak terms of the day happened to be).

    And in all of this, I hope that you don’t think me to be a hopeless, pessimistic person. I think that I’ve chosen the political beliefs that I have because I am very hopeful. I believe in a world where there is peace. True peace for the sake of peace – not forced at gunpoint, not a hatred of other races and creeds smoldering just below the surface but true peace. If you won’t be offended by my preaching, I think that was Jesus Christ’s vision for the earth. In all of his teaching, he speaks of his Father’s kingdom in a very real and present sense, when you go back to the original Greek texts, it’s a language that has subtle nuances that don’t translate well, but to Christ I believe this Kingdom was not some ethereal thing “yet to come”, but a vision of a peaceful future on earth. That is what I work towards. I know that many people sully the name of what’s otherwise a beautiful and peaceful vision of a faith where we are challenged to make peace with one another and to love radically those around us, even more than ourselves. I know it must hurt the heart of God, and I’m sorry to have devolved into religion, but I felt it was appropriate to mention to explain my outlook on government.

    If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading all my drivel!