Ralph and Hillary – what a weekend!

Ralph Nader is responsible for the war in Iraq.

And just when we thought the race was really getting interesting, Ralph Nader steps in to make a mockery of it all.

Let’s face it: The name “Ralph Nader” used to be synonymous with consumer protection, safety issues, consumer advocacy… he was practically a household name in this arena. But in the last 3 presidential elections his name has been mud at best – criminally negligent at worst. Well, at least morally negligent.Simple math: if Nader’s name was not on the Florida ballot in 2000 Al Gore is president. Iraq never happens. Thanks a lot Ralph – lots of great safety and advocacy props there pal.

Ralph you have lost your way. You know it is flat out impossible for you to become president – and if you don’t then you shouldn’t be anyway because you’re completely delusional – so why not spend your time in advocacy of a important topics rather than this boneheaded, ill conceived notion YET AGAIN. It concerns me to think that you do not take personal responsibility for the state of our nation today – indeed even the world. You may personally be the largest single Gum In The Works that has ever existed. Stop it. Right now. Please while there is still some good legacy left of you.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.
Strike One: Slams Obama repeatedly about plagiarizing a component of one of his speeches. Doubles down with a crappy Xerox that obviously one of her writers thought of. Gets booed, but stays with it. Then essentially re-quotes Edwards concession speech closer with her “We’ll be fine” closing to the Texas debates. Shrill and hypocritical rhetoric unfortunately classic for the Clinton team.

Strike Two: “Shame on you Barack.” A new low. Sorry Mrs. Clinton – you cannot take credit for all of the good things that occurred during your husband’s administration and yet be absolved of responsibility for the not-so-great things – particularly when you have been so vocally pro-NAFTA in the past, for example. The Obama campaign’s flyer that went out does not cite anything untrue or explosive – it states the facts of how you have supported things in the past yet take no responsibility for them now. Your sudden explosion about it smacks of desperation and tactics, not real political anger.

Strike Three: Making fun of Obama and his supporters? Now that is really politically dumb and frankly, insulting. You and Bill – the eternal optimists… trading on hope and a vision for the future that was better than today – making fun of Obama and his supporters as kool-aid drinking rose-colored glass wand wavers? (OK, that’s not what was said – but that was the timbre) That is playground politics at the worst. To have shifted from someone purporting her vision of the future to someone talking about how hard it’s going to be and “[with Obama as president] The skies will open everything will be alright” is the mark of someone that has clearly hit a desperate point.

Thank you, for having proven exactly what kind of character you have while under pressure – you’ve made my choice ever so much easier. Since it’s either you or Obama, he gets the support. You lose and rightfully so.