The comedy gets better every day.

In an invertview with the Washington Times HERE, Richard Steele, the new RNC chairman, made it clear that he intends to really shake things up. Announcing a PR offensive that will be “off the hook,” he intends to move the message in more “urban-suburban hip-hop settings.” To those that disagree, his answer is a simple, “Stuff it.”

Clearly sounding like an old man trying desperately to be cool, Mr. Steele has managed a political trifecta by simultaneously pissing off many in his party, trivializing the Republican message and insulting blacks, hispanics and his other targets by inferring that all they need to come to the Republican party is hip hop message. Although some in the party have said the winds of change are coming, one cannot help but wonder from whence, or perhaps from whom, that wind broke.

How about something a tad more pedestrian, like a new idea? How about plans that will help young people move from a position of jaded cynicism about politicians and their future into a place where they are hopeful and see a way to better themselves and their lives? How about a set of values that make clear that the elected officials are not simply taking advantage of the non-white-mail vote for personal gain? How about the notion that their choice of music & color of their skin has nothing at all to do with their politics: where the government values them for their thought, effort and involvement in our future rather than their numbers as a voting bloc?

[Note: Insert kudos here to people who voted for a president who is doing just that...]

Face it: The Republicans are a staunch, stuck old white man’s party. Let’s not try to glib it up and imagine it’s anything other. It’s like Bay Buchanon on the radio this morning claiming that the recent New York Post cartoon (the thinly veiled, racially explosive illustration of 2 cops, having just shot a monkey, saying, “They’ll have to get someone else to write the next stimulus bill”) claiming that it’s not racist, it’s not violent, it’s not about Obama, it’s not inflammatory. It’s just a cartoon.

[Make your own decision: SEE IT HERE]

You can have an African American in the top job at the RNC, you can try so very hard to be cool – but when the rubber hits the road, you’re the same old group of cronies. With the same old ideas. Old. White. Stuck.