Nova M Files For Liquidation

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nova M, would be competitor to Air America Radio is filing for complete bankruptcy liquidation and leaving a trail of trouble in it’s wake.

When Randi Rhodes left Air America last year during the kerfuffle surrounding her making off-color remarks about Hillary Clinton during a stand up comedy show in San Francisco, she was picked up by Nova M and an awful lot of people thought NovaM had a nowhere to go but up.

But at the article which spells it out quite nicely HERE, it’s clear that things have been rough for a long time for the founders of Nova M, Anita and Sheldon Drobny. According to the article, Rhodes and Nova M had a legal disagreement regarding her protection from litigation and when it was not resolved she terminated her feed to the station. This was probably the last straw in a long, rather sad story for the Drobnys, founders of Air America as well. In a horribly ironic twist, Randi, the number 1 liberal talk show host in the nation, was replaced on her hometown station by Sean Hannity.

It now seems that Dr. Mike Newcomb, another popular liberal talk show host, will be taking the physical infrastructure and the frequency here in Phoenix (KNUV) left in the rubble that was Nova M and creating a new station. It looks like Mike Malloy will be going there as well, so at least the new station will be starting with some talent. Perhaps they entice Randi to come back. Hopefully they’ll keep streaming Stephanie Miller in the morning, she is about the only thing out here in the wild west that keeps the morning drive reasonable.

Well, best of luck to Dr. Mike and Mike Malloy – the valley certainly needs their voices. And let’s hope that the disrepair that is liberal talk in America today straightens itself out. The right wing certainly has their act together, what the hell is our problem?