Hillary Hate: Flip Side

OK this is really isn’t just about Hillary, but more about Dumbocrats and perhaps the single most compelling reason why we should NOT win the white house next November.

More and more lately, as Barack has taken hold of the race and eliminated the “inevitability factor” of Hillary, people are getting desperate in their support of their favorite candidate. Most particularly, vocal women who think that if you’re a woman and not supporting Hillary you are a sexist.

Yup that’s right: You are supposed to vote for your gender/race/whatever or your an “ist” ie., I can only vote for a middle-aged white male, because if I vote for Hillary I’m sexist and if I vote for Obama I’m a racist.

You heard me right friends and neighbors, I am not allowed to vote for the right candidate with the right policies and political views I must vote with bias towards my race and gender. Of course voting for your religious comrades is also important, so I guess this leaves me with voting for Richard Gere, who is the only handsome, somewhat wealthy middle aged white Buddhist I currently know of. PinkHat, unfortunately, has no candidate at all because I can’t find any gorgeous AND intelligent blonde Catholic breast-cancer survivors who don’t cook or shop, but likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. If you know of any please let her know, she’s feeling rather let down by our political process at the moment. (Note to self: Check on Cheryl Crow for PinkHat, perhaps she dyes her hair)

So to my fellow progressives: please fulfill your inner urges and smack down these stupid Dems that vote simply because of their similarity with a candidate. Lots of backward, ignorant red-state trailer trash white men that can’t say “Nuclear” managed to steal the election the last 2 times, let’s not give them a 3-peat. And if we do win, let’s all hope and pray that the person elected is both the best possible candidate (such as it is today, none of them blow my skirt up) and are truly up to the task of guiding us out of the morass of self-centered religiously-fueled hypocrisy we’ve dug ourselves into.


  1. braindonkey says:

    or for the really dumb: new-clear
    not noo-que-ler.

    I agree, which is why i have decided to embrace my “ist”, whichever one people decide to label me with. I vote for the chick and get called a racist because i didn’t vote for the black dude, fine, im a racist then, whatever lets the nutjobs sleep at night. Like blacks taking ownership of the N-word. Or gays taking ownership of fag. I will take ownership of *ist. I am “ist” about something from someones point of view. So screw it. PC is for lame ducks who can’t argue a point intelligently.

  2. SFNathan says:

    What I find particularly awful right now among the Democrats is watching Bill Clinton, a man I greatly admired and have looked to as a leader among Democrats (despite his failings) – watching him drop down to becoming a cheap-shot attack dog for his wife’s candidacy, looking like he would do anything to promote his legacy despite the good of America and the Party. I’ve lost a LOT of respect for him watching this whole thing unfold.

  3. perkiset says:

    @ BD: I guess I’m an “ist” now as well. I’m thinking probably a sexist, because I prefer Barack over Hillary.

    @ SFN: I agree, although I have not lost a lot of respect because I only respected him as a magnificent political animal, certainly not above the petty normalness of humanity or other pols. I have little respect for him personally, so there is not much for him to lose in my world.

  4. SFNathan says:

    yep – not much to respect about the guy personally, but even politically – he was very good at steering the Democrats towards a healthy political agenda that was best for the party and the nation. I see him now as willing to put his wife in office to pump up his own historical stature, while risking the party and the nation for his own ego. That’s not the Clinton I used to respect and admire.

  5. perkiset says:

    Unfortunately, I agree 100%. :/

  6. Willyp?? says:

    My problem with Hillary and Bill is that first: Hillary looks more and more like the wife sending her husband out to confront the neighbor in the yard. She is running for commander in chief. This really looks bad. Second: I think that Bill is still the best politician of the era, when it comes to promoting himself. However, when he steps in to help Hillary, his anger and pushiness really gets ugly. If she is going to be in charge, she should shut him up. Sic an aide on him, or step away from the race as she can’t control her husband. I have nightmares of Bill trying to run the white house with Hillary in charge. Wouldn’t you just love to be secretary of state, attorney general, or some such position with Bill sniping at you?

    I’m truly worried.

  7. Dink says:

    Damn. I don’t even get to vote. Can’t find a single example to fit my ‘ist’. Looking for an over the hill, over weight, under funded, over achiever. roflmao:

  8. perkiset says:

    @ WP – I completely agree and the way things are looking it’s worrying me more and more as well. Bill cannot help himself but stick his nose in. What will this look like if she is commander in chief and he disagrees? I love the notion that we are mature enough to have a woman for president. I really wish that the “she” could completely do without the baggage of an ex president to start. This doesn’t look good at all.

    @ Dink – Write in “Perkiset” on your ballot and you’re all set!


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