Bush: Do as I say, not as I do

Short and sweet today. I woke up to Dubya verbally assaulting Congress on how they need to get to work. “They have a lot of work to do” he popped out repeatedly… insinuating that in some way Congress has been sitting their thumbs and relaxing while he’s been hard at work.

Well, in some ways that’s true: Congress has been sitting on funding his war because they are confounded about how, exactly, to get this egomaniacal sham of a president off his high horse and to look reality in the face. Good luck with that one. And he’s been hard at work, vetoing anything and everything in the name of “Fiscal Responsibility” as if he hasn’t been the one to rubber stamp every frigging piece of Republican pork for the last 6 years. Case in point: he vetod the S-CHIP plan, which would cost 35B more than it was, but insure about 4 million more children for about 5 years. So that’s 7B/year. But no: To quote our dear leader, “Now is not the time to be pulling money out of the pockets of hard working Americans.” So I guess that your request for another 190B THIS YEAR for the war is magic money that won’t affect us, eh?

“Give me a clean bill so we can get these programs back on track.” Well Mr. President, the power of the purse is about all that Congress has left to stop you from hurting us any further. You offer two prongs in your negotiations: your way or the highway. It’s time that you woke up and smelled the coffee. You and Congress need to be working together for the betterment of our country, not the lining of the pockets of your buddies – or the systematic dismantling of our Constitution and public services. Americans are sick to death of your cronyism wrapped up in the flag… and sick to death of paying the tab for your ignorant middle east imperialism.


  1. Willyp?? says:

    God, I hate this Texan! He has no moral values or concience. He is the most amoral person. . . he and Cheney, that I have ever seen in or near the White House. I am so pissed at the Dems however. What they need to do is not try to overcome a veto, they simply need to sit on the bill. He can’t veto what doesn’t get sent to him. Stash the bill on a back burner and just let it sit there until he’s ready to honestly deal. I believe that the only form of support there is for the troops is to strangle the effort and get them home.

  2. perkiset says:

    All true, too true.

    WP have you seen “V for Vendetta?” interesting take on our world about 20 years from now – the results of a failed Iraq, a USA in civil war, an England in bondage by a non-too-Orwellian Johnathon Hurt as “The Supreme Chancellor.” Fits the mold of where we are going TO A T.

    And on the Dems note, I completely agree… frigging spineless politicians acting as liberals for the voting bloc. Useless.


  3. taky says:

    ah i also saw v for vendetta and couldnt help but notice the parallels with the us. good movie, btw.

    personally i think the war has to be something with a little more substance behind it, and if it is indeed a war for resources between countries then so be it (as immoral as that sounds, but you know the oil crisis we are in).

    i agree, hes an idiot, every way shape and form, and hes out of office soon, so hold in there perk.

  4. perkiset says:

    Perhaps if we had a discussion about making war for the purpose of supporting our failing energy infrastructure, then the people of the US could contribute to the decision about whether we mete death upon our own children and countless foreign nationals in the service of the price of our heating oil or not.

    At the very least, we would be in the know and have made a conscious decision to mete said death, rather than being mislead and having it done in our ignorant name.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by taks…

  5. taky says:

    aye, i agree, it is misleading man. its sick.

    but hey, what person is going to be behind the actual intent of the war? clever manipulation to keep the moral up, orchestrated by bush (and therefor failing :doh:).

    np, and nice blog you have here man.