The Big Day Looms

Tomorrow we vote and decide on the direction we want our country to move for the next 4 years… however in this case, the choice is considerably more important than simple “direction.” Since there are fundamental differences between Obama’s plans and McCain’s, there are obvious superficial differences. But no less important is the fact that 3 of the 4 liberal judges on the Supreme Court are old and look as though they may not make it through the next 4 years without retiring. This means that an Obama presidency can essentially maintain the status quo (a somewhat balanced court) where a McCain presidency can appoint judges that profoundly shifts the court to a conservative approach, affecting most certainly the remains of my life, but perhaps even the majority of my childrens’.

Your vote has never been more important. Please make sure you get the the polls and if you have trouble, blow the whistle immediately. CNN has a voter hotline and will point you in the right direction to work through your issue straight away. The number is 877-462-6608.

How we look at the moment: Currently, about 1/3rd of prospective voters have probably cast their ballot early. Polling indicates a huge advantage for Obama, in the 58% to 37% zone across the board. Bear in mind, however, that these voters would have voted whether it was early or on Tuesday, so that’s no indication of the final result. It does, however, mean that John McCain will need to pull about a 10% advantage across the board on Tuesday to merely eke out a victory. And the electoral map is pretty bad for him as well – lightening will pretty much need to strike for it to happen, but it can happen. Watch Pennsylvania and Virgina – if they fall to Obama early, it’s a done deal.

ERGO: You are not allowed to sluff off on voting tomorrow. We are NOT out of the woods. Regardless how long it takes, you MUST execute your American birthright and cast your vote. GObama!