The BALLS on that woman!

So just when I think we’re all done with Sarah Palin, comes one last little glimpse into her as a person. According to an anonymous source inside the McCain team, last night as they were getting ready to go on for their concession speech Sarah Palin pushed to be able to address the crowd.

Now as you can certainly see, I am no John McCain fan. I am, however, utterly respectful of both his service to our country and the fact that last night was his – in pain, certainly, but his. So in the final act of this B movie Greek tragedy, the wench wants to kick start her 2012 movement on the corpse of her partner’s fallen campaign? E tu, Beaut? (OK, so that was Roman, not Greek and the “Beauty/Brutus” pun didn’t really work, but I liked it). Her arrogance beyond measure, her barracuda tendencies in full bloom, Sarah Palin wants to slip herself from the wreckage that is the McCain campaign and get back to work fostering hate right quick. I find that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about that woman, and I pray that her 15 minutes is up.

But back to the story. Did she have an apology for John?

“I’ll have to get back to you on that, Katie.”

C-ya in a few, you betcha!