Alaskan/Russo Significance

Boy, have I been wrong. Here I’ve been, well, mocking the McCain campaigns assertion that Alaska’s proximity to Russia is viable and credible evidence of Palin’s international negotiation cred. I must be such an asshole, right? Check out this interchange between Katie Couric and Ms. Palin in her only recent interview for CBS News:  COURIC: [...]

Stewart / Colbert Interview

I adore The Daily Show and often stay for The Colbert Report (although I also switch to catch the last 30 minutes of Countdown with Olbermann). Entertainment Weekly did a great interview with them both out of character, but hardly outside of who they are. If you enjoy either of them, it’s worth a few [...]

Bluff called, c u there!

Just a quickie… looks like Congress has a preliminary deal ready to take to Paulson. And they even did it before McCain got there to save the day! So, I guess he’ll need another excuse to avoid the debates tomorrow night. The day is young – what emergency do you think we can expect now?

…yet a shrewd political move…

On a bit of reflection, I see this as a mine field for Obama, and a particularly shrewd gamble on McSame’s part. If McCain goes to Washington and Obama doesn’t, he can claim that he’s working for the economy and Obama is not – effectively nullifying Obama’s natural Democratic economy-advantage. If Obama does go to [...]

Cowardice and Incompetance

A few short moments ago John McCain announced that he will “suspend campaigning” and wants to postpone the debate so that he can “work on the economy.” What an amazing cop out. If EVER there was a time that people who want to be the leader of our nation should debate, on national television during [...]