Rovian Translations/Comparisons

While the “Straight Talk Express” continues it’s twisted journey across the American psyche, I thought it might be nice to offer some translations, or at least comparisons, of the two candidates and how they are described for you. This is wryly humorous, but unfortunate at the same time; Republicans seem to get away with saying [...]

A McSame Presidency Foreshadow

This morning I caught Gawker with 3 videos of MSNBC, CNN and even Fox News almost going to verbal blows with Tucker Bounds, the McCain campaign spokesperson. If you want to know how a McCain Presidency will look, you need surf no further. Tucker stubbornly refuses to admit, even in the face of all three [...]

McCain Myths Exposed

Awright campers, here’s the deal: As expected, Obama has let the nation deal with it’s weekend infatuation with Sara Palin and is now starting to expose her for the syphilitic political whore that she is. Hopefully, we’ll be able to leave in the morning before she wakes up and some miscellaneous ‘acillin will take care [...]

Sara Palin’s First Interview: YEAH Baby!

Oh man, the fall is going to be big and hard. Here’s Sara Palin attempting desperately to dance when asked some very direct questions that she just has no frigging clue about. Oh yeah. She’s ready to be a heartbeat away from being the President. CLICK HERE for the Youtube Vid Here we go!

A Sudden Rush of Faith

People drown when swimming in the ocean just yards from the shore. Often, the reason is that they do not understand the rhythm of the ocean or how to work with it. The ocean pulses in waves. Therefore, it’s most important to swim hard when the pulse is going your way, rather than against it. [...]