Doubleplus Good!

ABC News is reporting on a new CNN/Time poll that shows 46% of people that watched the debates thought Obama won, while just 34% say McCain did. This, in and of itself, is good. But reading on, the poll shows much more important numbers. About 21% of people watching had a more favorable impression of McCain, about 21% had a less favorable impression with the remaining 58% unchanged. 30% of people watching said they had a more favorable impression of Obama after the debate compared to 14% a less favorable one, again, the remains unchanged.

In my opinion, this is vitally important because McCain needed to knock it out of the park on this debate to get his Mo back. The trend lines are just really bad for he and Palin, and this was to be his best subject for debate. Obama simply needed to not screw up because the status quo trend is what he needs – a slow but continuing trend towards him is just fine.

Essentially the rest of the poll shows that impressions of strength, ability to handle national security and such were broken just about evenly without any clear winner. Again, since foreign relations credibility is McCain’s strong point, and if Obama had simply tied him, this would be a win for the Obama camp. These numbers suggest that the McCain team has real trouble going forward.

And I don’t know about you, but I am REALLY looking forward to next Thursday. Although I’ve posted that I have sympathy for Palin and the fact that McCain has thrown her to the wolves, by accepting the nomination for VP she chose into the coming ass whipping and frankly, given her smug, hypocritical ignorance, it couldn’t happen to a nicer lady. ;)

You can see the entire results of the poll here:
Obama did better in first debate