Hillary Hate

What is with the Hillary Hate?

First off, let’s be square: I am no great fan of hers. I really liked her husband as president, but I have not forgiven him for embarrassing the Presidency with his antics nor for handing over the nation to the murderous gluttons that are in power now as a by-product of his antics. I am more a fan of Obama, Edwards, Biden, Dodd or Kucinich, the last 3 being my favs. I think she is stiff and unconvincing – much of the same ailment that Al Gore suffered from – and very divisive.

But I do not understand the kind of frothing at the mouth hatred that comes at her – it just seems WAY out of line compared with any evil she has done. (Note: I do not believe she had Vince or whatever his name was killed, nor several other horrible stories. I do not believe she’s a lesbian, although that would not bother me in the slightest). Even people of a left-leaning persuasion seem to take huge umbrage to the possibility that she could become president. As if Huckabee, Mr. “You can’t have freedom without religion” would be better. Or perhaps Guilliani, the textbook definition of Mr. FUD (That’s Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, not Elmer).

OK, so she tried to push through a health care system and got smacked down for it. It is arguable whether it would have been any good or not (I’m of the opinion it would have been great) but the argument seems to be, “It’s OK to kill innocents in other countries, let assassins run free (bin Laden), profit wildely from oil spoils of an illegal war, eviscerate our social services, convert education from a thinking creative benefit of our country to a robotic last-place among first world countries, ignore our Constitution, defy the separation of Church and State, blatantly ignore our civil liberties and in fact work hard to eliminate many of them, reclassify people specifically for the purpose of torturing them or restraining them in prison without counsel or judgment by a jury of their peers, or simply being an asshole to other nations… but DON’T YOU DARE try to give our American people health care you commie loving pinko scum radical bitch.

I mean really! What am I missing here? At the Syndk8 there’s arguments about how fake she was and how contrived it was to “cry on camera.” Well I am of the opinion that Politicos are People Too and where Howard Dean might issue a resounding HOOOOOOaaaaahhh! Perhaps Hillary got choked up. Is it only right that politicians get emotional when WE want them to? There’s also discussion about how “Men think logically and women do not.” A post went up about how “research” shows this, and if I simply think back to my last relationship, I’ll understand. My response to some of this nonsense:

WOW you’re myopic. I’ll bet the reason you can say that about past relationships is because you clearly perceive the world from that perspective. In my experience, women are brilliant, logical, warm, caring and balanced partners. Are there nasty useless bitches? Of course. Are there useless self-serving asshole men? Of course. But the women that come into my life reflect the way that I see them. And in general, that fits considerably better with the research than what you are saying.

By the way: methods of thinking & personality are outlined by fundamental Jungian personality characteristics, further distilled by Isabel Myers and Katherine Cook in the 20s. The 4 major archetypes are NT (Thinker) SJ (Organizer) NF (Feeler) and SP (Adventurer). Typing is spread pretty evenly across males and females, although NT and SP men have more pronounced features and markers as do SJ and NF women ergo, they stick in our mind as the master sterotype for all people of that gender. This of course explains why you think that men are thinkers and women are feelers. PinkHat and I actually do training classes in personality identification and gender studies for small to mid-sized companies, having run all of our employees through multiple traning classes in the late 90s, and continuing to work with our existing client base on an as-needed basis. We have a reasonable body of experience that is backed up by hard science and we continue to study to this day.

So back to my original point: your assertion is sexist and unschooled. You are mouthing what you have heard and what fulfills your feelings as opposed to knowing your ass from a hole in the ground.

Even with that brilliant and articulate summation, my opponent was unmoved.

I’m inclined to believe that Obama is going to take the nomination, but I am not quite ready to write Hillary off. If she gets it I’ll be completely satisfied that she survived the most difficult selection process in the world. She won’t have been my first choice, but I’ll be satisfied that she’s not another damn Republican. I will hope that she allows her emotions to show a bit, and that she allows us to see her as a real human.

And I hope that the people of the United States, who seem so willing to give Republicans a honeymoon period when they first take office (Reagan, Bush Sr. and Dubya all had this little vacation) will give the next president, particularly if it’s Hillary, the benefit of the doubt and her full support. As they should.


  1. braindonkey says:

    I agree. Where does this hate come from? It is so over the top that it makes little sense to me. The only thing that I have been able to come up with is that people are so afraid of electing a woman into the presidency, that they will waffle or denounce support for her. I find it hard to believe when people say they think she is evil. Do her ovaries represent such a threat to the naysayers livelihoods? Is it because she is liberal? Is it the combination?

    See the problem is that people get hung up on things that usually have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Stereotypes are an example, and trickle down into every decision. Because she is liberal, does that also mean morally? And if so, then she is a slut. It’s an absurd leap, but people make leaps like that all the time. Skinny gaunt gay men have aids. Mormons have 50 kids. Black 18 year olds are in gangs and will kill you. etc etc etc. All of which CAN be true, but are RARELY true. Hillary is a liberal who will take all my money, spend it on flowers and playgrounds, while pulling money away from building more bombs. god i hope so…

    Its because she says she won’t reduce the military budget that sets off alarm bells. A liberal woman who will spend on war???? and the collective bullshit meter goes off.

    Do I think she would be a great president, no (none of the options will). Do i think she would be good, yes, especially with Bill as an adviser, even if it is only in the bedroom.

    BTW, Bill getting a BJ was only embarrassing because of how big a stink the politicians made of it and how ridiculously the country reacted. The rest of the world’s reaction was disinterest in the BJ, and even more like “good for him, he’s a human being”. I’d rather have a Pres that gets his rocks off, and as a result be far less stressed, then have a no-release, pent up, God fearer, which is what we seem to have now. With how much Hillary traveled doing her save the world because I’m the first lady stuff, they probably never got a moment alone. It’s a ridiculous expectation i think.

  2. perkiset says:

    I agree regarding the stink around the BJ BD, it’s BS. But I don not agree that the only embarrassing part was the act of it.

    I have ZERO issue with his after-work deal. He could be enamored with running about the house, a feather duster up his ass, a rubber glove on his head and clucking his fool head off I do not care. Don’t wish to be a fly on the wall, but that’s another story. The problem I had was with his foolhardy assumpting that his power would shield him from eyeballs that REALLY wanted to harm him. FFS the man is inarguably brilliant, and perhaps the most biologically perfect political specimen that has ever been born – his blowjob issue is almost like the classic Greek Tragic Flaw.

    I am pissed because he got lazy and allowed the wolves in the door. His arrogance virtually scripted the Bush devolution we are currently in and that just pisses me off. I’m also pissed at Hillary for not doing a better job as a controlling bitch about it, and this leads me to question her real political understanding: Nancy Reagan would NEVER NEVER have let a young, hungry female near Ronnie – that lioness ran the house with an iron hand. Hillary should have done the same IMO.

    Granted, even Monica was a more appealing woman than Hillary – but he and she both should have worked something out.