Nobel Committee suffers “Final Debasement”

Conservatives are delightfully predictable.

Consider that Steven F. Hayward of the National Review states that Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize – a validation of the world’s consensus that man-made pollution is changing the very climate of our planet – is the “final debasement” to a “once prestigious award.”

So let me get this straight: The Nobel committee, arguably a pretty reasonable, intelligent and long-lived entity, by choosing to honor a man that has been working on spreading the word of saving our planet for almost 40 years, is playing politics with arguably the most important topic of our generation? Hayward says that “It used to be that the award went to people of genuine humanitarian or diplomatic accomplishment, like Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer or Doctors Without Borders.” Good lord. The man is trying to save our planet, every creature and human on it (even you, sir – a considerably more generous effort than I’d make) by raising awareness of our own shortsightedness. How can this not be seen as deeply humanitarian at the very least?

(Whoops, sorry. I just remembered that these are the same folks that brought us the lie that Al Gore claimed he invented the internet. What can we really expect here?)

In his article, as so many of these damn right-wingnuts do, he takes the most extreme examples that were laid out in An Inconvenient Truth, repositions them as factual assertions of what will be rather than factual statements of what could be given we don’t turn some trends around, and uses this as ammunition to paint Gore as some wild-eyed liberal, hell bent on spending all of our money on a hair brained scheme to eliminate democracy. I’m not kidding, you can go read the article here.

(Side note – I realize that the notion of a hell-bent, wild eyed political creature spending all of our money on a hair-brained scheme while systematically disassembling some of the most basic elements of our democracy is completely foolish and over the top. Sorry to those that would find me bombastic and extremist. :lol: )

If you need me to itemize the spectacular fallacies and immense stupidity of this man and his attack style then you are reading the wrong blog. Go cozy up in a chair and read some Ann Coulter – you’ll find that much more refreshing.

But if you are the least bit put off by this sort of misdirection and ignorant propaganda then take a moment to figure out how you can speak up – and let these blowhards know that their poisonous rants do nothing for you, our country or our world. Despite his need to get your eyeballs on his page (he does need to make his mortgage payment, after all), squandering the future of our world and our legacy in the service of a crass marketing effort is criminally negligent. CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT AGAINST OUR CHILDREN. Of course he’ll be dead by time this global climate change really stars hurting us – so he won’t have to atone for his worldly assertions…

… so I guess even someone like me can hope for the existence of Hell for some purposes … :twisted: