Al Qaeda October Surprise

This is the kind of scary stuff I’m most worried about. Counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke is worried that Al Qaeda may try some nastiness to upset the election. There’s no clear evidence of a plot, but boy it sounds right up there on the possibilitometer. This would make a lot of sense, because only with [...]

Obama Pals with Terrorists!

Holy Jamolies! Obama is unpatriotic and pals around with terrorists! Well, at least to hear Sarah Palin talk of it. While in Colorado this morning, Palin seized on the New York Times article about former weatherman Bill Ayers and Obama (which concluded that the two men were not close) to say, “This is not a [...]

The Home Stretch

Right. We’ve endured almost all of the election season, there are two more perfunctory debates and about 40 days of racing for the finish. What to expect? Well, TPM has reported that the McCain camp is going almost 100% negative, trying hard to break the discussion from the economic crisis back to “how dangerous and [...]

Sarah Palin is a Moron.

Yes, a direct statement, but not an attack – a statement of fact. I’ve been volleying with one of my readers, Edgar, that made the comment, “Why don’t you ever say that Obama is stupid – you only attack Palin and call her stupid.” OK, take my politics out of it for a moment and [...]