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Welcome to The Lair duh duh duh… um well i really dont know what to post about today. Sooo you can use this bring up any thing you would like to ask… or you can debate about something feel free : )

but please make it appropriate and following three main rules. These rules go for the whole Lair.

1. No Cussing
2. No telling others about personal things.

O. K. thats two shoot me… No No dont aaaaaaaaaah… Nah Im just joking but dont actually shoot.

11 Responses to “Welcome!!!”

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Daragoon… nice theme! ;)

  2. Hey thanks perk can i call you that and hey how come i didnt have to say you were ok???? nah i wouldve any way… is it because your a moderator or somethin???

  3. LOL yeah, big bad mod and all. And sure, you can call me perk ;)

  4. thanks

  5. whats new?

  6. Hola, como estas?

  7. muy bein gracias y tu

  8. yo estoy muy malo y (I know you some how).

  9. yah whatever so what new things can you play (besides Stairway…)

  10. Famous quotes, ” My life is a black abyss Fading into darkness.”

  11. The answer to your question is Survive.

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