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Whats th point of life if all we get is death? and whats the point of death if all we get is new life? ok im going to stop with philosphical stuff but honestly.

So Ive been thinking about topic and i decided that Ill say this:

Life is messed up!!!

Once i randomley said i wanted watermellon and it came flying out from the sky above!

and ok i got noting else but its pretty messed up because we had no water mellon and no one was around!

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  1. Yikes little chief, you’re nuts! Life is only as messed up as you let it be.

    And watermellon from the sky rocks because it’s always seedless ;)

  2. But is your awareness of your existence enough to affirm your existence?

    How do you know you really exist?

    Find out, and then know yourself.

  3. um that sound really cool and all but what does that mean?

  4. Oh i was away for awhile so i was able to put you up. sorry!

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