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um um hey arent my titles fun??? ok no they arent but oh welll. any way um…………
Who’s obauma??? or wahtever his name is. othere then that um could someone give me an idea on what to post about???


Whats th point of life if all we get is death? and whats the point of death if all we get is new life? ok im going to stop with philosphical stuff but honestly.

So Ive been thinking about topic and i decided that Ill say this:

Life is messed up!!!

Once i randomley said i wanted watermellon and it came flying out from the sky above!

and ok i got noting else but its pretty messed up because we had no water mellon and no one was around!


Welcome to The Lair duh duh duh… um well i really dont know what to post about today. Sooo you can use this bring up any thing you would like to ask… or you can debate about something feel free : )

but please make it appropriate and following three main rules. These rules go for the whole Lair.

1. No Cussing
2. No telling others about personal things.

O. K. thats two shoot me… No No dont aaaaaaaaaah… Nah Im just joking but dont actually shoot.