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So i never got a comment on my last post of wether or not it was a good idea so I’m gonna ask again. Is it a good idea to write a book about that?

Also I’ve been wanting to play some good rock on my guitar but don’t know any good places that would have stuff like One by Mattalica.

Any way were starting presentations in school and its been hard to stay on the ball already! I have to write a reaserch paper on N. Scott Momaday but its hard to find a book on an author. HELP! *whimpers* Its so hard to find a book on him!


Whats th point of life if all we get is death? and whats the point of death if all we get is new life? ok im going to stop with philosphical stuff but honestly.

So Ive been thinking about topic and i decided that Ill say this:

Life is messed up!!!

Once i randomley said i wanted watermellon and it came flying out from the sky above!

and ok i got noting else but its pretty messed up because we had no water mellon and no one was around!