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O My God This is Insane

O My God This is Insane I’m never gonna post 2 in a row i salute all who do! Why Why is it so hard to do it?…

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh kaaaaay sorry bout that any way why cant some one just answer if it would be a good story?? Why wont some one answer? If it’s to much like a forum with questions I’m truly sorry.

oh I have decicided that i cant post EVERY day( i’ll try to do it every day though) sooo yeah


So i never got a comment on my last post of wether or not it was a good idea so I’m gonna ask again. Is it a good idea to write a book about that?

Also I’ve been wanting to play some good rock on my guitar but don’t know any good places that would have stuff like One by Mattalica.

Any way were starting presentations in school and its been hard to stay on the ball already! I have to write a reaserch paper on N. Scott Momaday but its hard to find a book on an author. HELP! *whimpers* Its so hard to find a book on him!


Ok iv been gone for a while but I’m back on the ball any way I’ve been reading a book about djinn or genies and other creatures ( no I’m not a Kindergardener ) and started thinking and eventually i got to my last post and thought it might offend people so i’m saying sorry but also saying sorry for being gone forever! (thus the 2 !’s 1 ! for each reason) anyway i write books and thought writing a story about djinn or genies and being stuck in the middle of egypt ( desert part ) and learning that there is a group hunting people in egypt that he (he she they?) must help a rebbelion against the pharoe (egypt king hows it spelled?) to stop the murders.

Ok iknow i didnt finnish the thought. so here it goes. Would that a good teen book? I think so but I’m no sure.