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Okay well…

today i decided to see if changing the theme of the page would help me remember to write so i’m going to write about guitars and tips for songs i play!

Song of the Day(week? month?)

Black magic woman (intro)

To see how to play see here:
(note it is not exact but sounds o.k.)

now than to enhance the first few notes start with what he has but for second and third notes use your third finger to hammer on to the 12th fret and then pull off back o the 10th fret then continue with the instructions. Then for the 7th fret part get rid of the first 7 repeat with that fret only slower and more exagerated. Finally on the last set of 797’s replace the first 7 with a 10 ex:


after that either i cant find away around a problem or i just can’t hear it

p.s. for added effect on anything you hold give some nice quick vibrato’s to make it sound nice.

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