The biggest problem people have with image beacons is that they don't know how to resolve the fact they they display as a broken image. so they do a 1x1 pixel image to hide it. usually you still see a little black dot somewhere on the page because of it. so why not use the beacon for your tracking/whateverelse purposes, but userside, make a real image ap


 , making it look like a legitimate image pull from a library or something.

so you just drop this code all by itself in a publicly accessible file. No HTML or anything else. Just that code into a blank document, and save it. name it something remotely intelligent, img.


  for exmaple.

call from ANY webpage, <img src="img.



Response.ContentType = "image/gif"
dim tmppath,thefile
response.binarywrite thefile

Function ReadByteArray(strFileName)
    Const adTypeBinary = 1
    Dim bin
    Set bin = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream"Applause
    bin.Type = adTypeBinary
    bin.LoadFromFile strFileName
    ReadByteArray = bin.Read
End Function

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